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Faculty: Event Discussions

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Path: Calendar > Event > Discussion

This screen allows you create or manage a Discussion. Each Discussion must have a title and a group of Users who can participate in the Discussion.

By default, the following Users are automatically included:

  • Any Students linked to the current Event or Course screen
  • Any instructors linked to the screen
  • The Course Directors and Coordinators
  • Any Staff assigned to the Course

If you are an Administrator, you can modify the list of Users.

Start a Discussion

Path: Calendar > Event > Discussion > Options > New Discussion

This screen allows you manage the Discussion settings.

  • Title: This title will be displayed to Users in reports to identify the Discussion.     
  • Instructions: This optional field is provided for you to enter instructions about the Discussion. The instructions will be displayed at the top of the Discussion.  
  • Public/Private:      
    • YES: Any User who has access to the screen to which the Discussion is attached will have access to the Discussion. However, public Discussions cannot be graded, and no notifications are sent out for public Discussions.
    • NO: A private (non-public) Discussion is only accessible to Users who have been directly assigned to the Discussion. Notifications are sent out to those who are identified as participants in the Discussion.      
  • Graded Discussion:
    • YES: Enables grading functionality and allows entry of numerical values for the Max points field.
    • No: Disables grading functionality for the Discussion and entry of numerical values in the Max points field.
  • Max Points: This is where you can assign a numerical value to the Discussion Board that will be used by evaluate Students and calculate scores for the Gradebook.
  • Deleted: If set to YES then the Discussion will no longer be available
Discussion Screen

You can delete your own posts.

NOTE: If you are an Administrator, you can delete any post.

Exam Discussion Icons (1)

The icons represent the following functions:

  • View all posts for an individual Student with the option to grade the posts.
    • In Graded Discussion this is where scores and comments can be added and pushed to the Gradebook.
  • Manage the Discussion Group.
  • Edit the Discussion settings.
  • Collapse all Discussion thread.
  • Expand all Discussion threads.
  • Discussion help.
  • Refresh screen to show most current posts.
  • Close the screen
Create New Topic (2)

This is the Discussion User Interface.

Until you create a Topic nobody will be notified that there is a new Discussion. If you want others to participate in your Discussion, you need to create a Topic after the initial set up of the Discussion. (This is only applicable for Discussions that are NOT Public because Notifications are only sent out for Discussions that are NOT Public.)

New Post/Reply

You can add new topic and/or reply to an existing post.

Activity Bell Notifications

Once a new post has been made Users who are participating in the Discussion Board will receive an alert in their Activity Bell.

By clicking on the Discussion Board link on the Activity Screen, Users will be able to reply and edit their previous posts.

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