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Faculty: Event Manage Materials Menu

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Path: Calendar > Event > Manage Materials

Manage Materials Menu

Manage Uploads

This report is used to manage the content for your Event. Content/Materials, in this context, consists of:

  • Single or Multiple file electronic documents uploaded to Leo
  • Links to external (or internal) web sites
  • Shareable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM)

For more information, refer to Faculty: Upload Materials or refer to Faculty: Upload Event Materials

For more information on uploading Event Materials, please refer to the article Adding documents/materials to the Event Level.  

Documents for Students

This report shows a list of all the active documents for the current Event that have been uploaded to individual Students. This is primarily used to return graded assignments or for feedback to Students. Once uploaded, the student will have access to this document.

  • Documents for this Event: Click on the link for a User to review and/or upload a document for that Student.
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