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Faculty: My Portrait

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A faculty member can click on their profile picture in the upper right hand corner of Leo to access My Portrait.

The Faculty Portrait displays a faculty member’s instructional history and other professional details in a comprehensive profile.

Faculty Portrait Menu

Only those with Staff Admin access or higher can view someone else's Faculty Portrait, including the Portfolio. 

The Faculty Portrait consists of the following sections:

  1. Info: Provides a rich text editor for Faculty and Administrators to enter additional information such as a personal statement, teaching philosophy, etc. in text format. The editor also provides the ability to upload images, embed video, hyperlink to external resources, etc.
  2. Workload: This screen displays information with links to Courses and Events that the faculty member is assigned to, organized by their role (ex. Course Director).
  3. Evaluations: Active evaluations, as well as completed evaluations about or by the faculty member are listed here. Click a link to access an evaluation that still needs to be filled out, or to view a completed evaluation form.
  4. About: General information and demographics about the faculty member are displayed on this page.
  5. Publication: A digital folder lists and links to a faculty member's publications from PubMed via their assigned ORCID Identifier (PubMed Author Identifier).
  6. Documents: A digital folder where faculty members and administrators can upload documents that need to kept over a period of time (ex. presentations, CV, etc.).
  7. Export Portrait: Download all documents in a .zip file.

To learn more about embedding content in this area, view our Embed Video in Description article.


This screen displays a list of the current faculty member's instructional workload based on assignment to a Course or Event organized by role.

  • Courses: Provides a list of Courses in which the faculty member is assigned as an instructor for one or more Events.
  • Events: Provides a list of Events in which the faculty member is assigned as an instructor.
  • Director: Provides a list of Courses in which the faculty member is assigned as a Course Director.
  • Coordinator: Provides a list of Courses in which the faculty member is assigned as a Course Coordinator.

Click the link in the Course or Event column to navigate to that specific Course or Event in Leo.


A list of all Evaluations by or about the faculty member, including both active and completed Evaluations will be displayed here. Clicking on the Evaluation link will bring you to a summary of that Evaluation.

The column menu bar indicates the following:

  • The Date is the date of the most recent changes to an Evaluation.
  • Clicking an Eval Title will take you to the summary of the Evaluation.
  • The Location column contains the name of the Course or Event to which the Evaluation is linked. Clicking on it will open the Course Information Screen.
  • The Evaluator column indicates who filled out the Evaluation.

Note: Evaluation data will only show up here once they have been approved by a Course Director or Administrator, unless the evaluation form is set to auto-approve.


General information and demographics about the faculty member are displayed on this page.

  • NOTE: Security levels for user access to the About Tab are listed in the Account Manager: Demographics

The Publications feature pulls a faculty member's publications from PubMed based on the individual's assigned ORCID Identifier (PubMed Author Identifier). Once entered, publications associated with the ORCID Identifier will update on this screen, linking to the article on PubMed.

  • Click the link in the Title column to navigate to the article on PubMed. 
  • Click Edit to modify the PubMed Author Identifier and enter an ORCID Identifier.

Besides the faculty member themselves, only users assigned the Staff Admin or higher role can view the Faculty Portrait and related documentation. 

Link your PubMed Publications

Publications require that Faculty enter an ORCID Identifier (PubMed Author Identifier) in order to link to PubMed publications on this screen.

  • Click Edit to enter the assigned ORCID Identifier (PubMed Author Identifier).

Faculty can upload documents organized by category into their Faculty Portrait.

  1. To add a document, click the Upload icon.
  2. To edit a document, hover over the document name and select the Pencil icon to edit information including upload a new document.
  3. To delete a document, hover over the document name and select the Trash icon to remove the Document.
Upload New Document
  1. Click the Upload icon to add a new document.
  2. Click Category to assign an available document Category from the drop-down.
  3. Select Add Category to create a new Category to assign to the document.
  4. Enter a Title for the document that will be displayed on the Document screen.
  5. Select Choose File to browse available files on a device for upload.
  6. Private (Yes/No): A document can be set to Private by selecting Yes. This will make the Document only visible to you. The default is set to No.
  7. Click Save to upload the document.
Document Tools
  1. Select All: All available documents or select only certain ones by using the check box.
  2. Deselect All: This will clear all previously selected documents.
  3. Download: The documents are compressed in a convenient .zip file format.
  4. Upload: This will prompt the upload of a new document.
Export Portrait

Allows for an export of the faculty member's Portrait in a .zip file, organized by section.

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