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Event Evaluation: Peer Evaluations

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This module is used in TBL (Team-based Learning) Events or any other Events that involve Teams/Groups of Students. The Peer Evaluation module lets you set up a quick Evaluation at the Event Level for Students to evaluate each other. It is built around the Small Groups in that Event. The Evaluation itself consists of the Student filling out a rating value for each member of the Student's individual Team/Group.

Peer Evaluations differ from regular Evaluations in that they are pre-made Evaluations consisting of one or two default questions.

NOTE: You cannot add your own questions to a Peer Evaluation

TIP:  If you would like to create your own Evaluation, with your own custom questions, you should create a Students Evaluating Students Evaluation instead (see article How to create an Evaluation).

Path: Calendar > [Event Screen] > Assessment > Evaluations > Peer Evaluations

Alternate path

Path: Home >Courses > [Course Screen] > Events > View > All Events > [Event Screen] > Assessment > Evaluation > Peer Evaluations

New Peer Evaluation

The Peer Evaluation System is used to present Students with a quick and easy mechanism to rate their teammates.

NOTE: The System supports only one Peer Evaluation per Event.

The required fields are marked with a red asterisk (*).

  • Question Set: Likert scale, or Yes/No. This Question Set has already created text instructions that the Students will read prior to answering the Peer Evaluation questions.
  • Small Group Set: Defines the Small Group Set that will be assigned to take the Evaluation. If no options appear in the drop-down menu, then no Small Group sets have been created for this Event.
  • Self Evaluation: Set this field to YES if you want Students to evaluate themselves.
  • Avg by: Determines how the Evaluation will score each Group.  Click on the chevron to select:
    • Submitted Count: Averages the Evaluation results by the number of Evaluations completed by the Group.
    • Group Size: Averages the Evaluation results by Group size, regardless of how many actual Evaluations have been submitted. This option can be used to penalize low Evaluation participation.
  • Closed: This option is used to manually close the Evaluation. Close = Yes
  • Deleted: Set this option to YES if you want to delete/remove this Evaluation.

NOTE: In the Question Set, the text Instructions that Students will read prior to taking the Peer Evals can be reviewed and edited. Please refer to this article: Peer Eval Text

Push to Gradebook the completed Evaluations

Path: Event Screen> Assessment> Evaluations > Peer Evaluation> Manage Results

Submit to Gradebook

The results show an average of how the Student(s) responded.

These can then be pushed to the Gradebook by clicking the Submit to Gradebook link.

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