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Path: Calendar > Event > Event Screen > People 


This report generates a listing of Students in the Event.

Photo Roster

The photo roster can be downloaded as a .ZIP file or as a PDF.


Groups allow the members of the Group to access an Event. If a User is not in a Group linked to the Event, they will not have access to the Event, or they may have very limited access to the Event.

The standard Group list consists of:

  • The primary Groups for the Course
  • Small groups associated with the Course
  • The personal Groups for each Student in the Course

Note: Only groups associated with a course can be added to an event. In the event that students not enrolled in a particular course need to see or attend events in that course, we recommend using the audit functionality in Leo.

NOTE: No Groups with a security level greater than your security level will be displayed to you. This primarily affects Student-Faculty, who can only see Student and Audit Groups.


This buildlist is used to assign and manage faculty for an event. 

Note: One, and only one, Faculty member can be the Primary Faculty member.

  • Available Faculty is a list comprised of Faculty who have been active within the last year.
  • Get Extended List is a list of all Faculty.
  • Add By Search option will allow you to perform a quick search for an instructor. Note: this capability is only available for adding faculty, student-faculty, and graders to an event. It is not available for adding students or groups.
  1. Select the Instructor(s) you would like to assign to the Event.
  2. Indicate Primary Instructor for only one.
  3. Check the box if excluding from the financial model.
  4. Select a Custom Time, if applicable.
  5. Check the Instructor's Role, if applicable.
  6. Select the Discipline, if applicable.
  7. Save.

 The number of minutes for an Event is calculated in the background and can often take a minute or two to complete. If the number of minutes has not yet been calculated, the System will show a default time of 60 minutes for the purposes of assigning custom minutes only, in this screen. If you return to this screen after a minute or so, the correct minutes will be displayed.


This build list lets you assign Staff as administrators to a particular Event.

This assignment only gives the Staff member administrative access to this Event and does not affect any other Events, Long Events, or the Course screen.


Student-Faculty can be assigned at the Course Template Level, Event, or Long Event Level. If assigned at the Course Template Level they will have Student-Faculty access to all the Events and Long Events in the Course.

Student-Faculty have the ability to:

  • Assign Students at the Event and Long Event level
  • Load content at the Course, Event, and Long Event Level if they assigned at those levels

Student-Faculty can be assigned at the Section Level and will be able to:

  • Create new Events and Long Events

As of the February/March 2024 update to Events in Leo, we would discourage you from adding new Long Events to Leo. This update will bring together the features of Long Events and Regular Events in Leo into a new, modern user interface. Users will be able to create events, all-day events (that span one or more days), or events that start on one day and end on the next.

If you have questions about the new Events user interface, please contact the Leo Administrator at your institution.


This option assigns Graders at the Course level, which means that these Graders can use the Grader options at the Course, Event, and Long Event level for the entire Course. A Grader has the ability to evaluate and score text-based questions on exams.

Any user, including Students, can be assigned to the Grader Role.

Graders will have access to grade exam results, but they do not have access to other exam options:

  • No access to the Exam Manager
  • No access to the Exam Access Manager
  • No access to the Exam Monitor
  • No access to the Exam Discussion tool

Graders will have access to a special menu option that will let them grade text-based responses for exams only.

  1. Users Who Have Been Graders: This list is made up of Users who have been Graders elsewhere.
  2. Get Extended List: This is every User in Leo not currently assigned as a Grader.
  3. Add by Search: This allows you to do a quick search and add a specific User to the Grader list.
View as Student

This report allows administrators of this Event to view the Event as one of the Students in the Event.

This option is only available to administrators of the Event and admins for the Event's Course.

Student Schedules

This option will let you examine a given Student's schedule. You see several views of the Student's schedule:

  •  The Student's schedule as it compares to the current Course
  •  The Student's complete schedule of Courses
  •  A summary count of Courses by academic year along with corresponding detail views

The basic purpose of this report is to allow you to view how the Student's existing schedule dovetails with the date range of the current Course.

Sheets

Print out Sign-In sheets for Students.

Event Attendance

This report shows the current attendance status of the Event. There are additional options for bulk import and bulk update of attendance.

For more information on managing attendance at the Section Level refer to Section: People: Attendance Reports

Import Attendance

This option will let you import a list of Student IDs to update the attendance status of the Students.

Bad Swipes

This report shows bad swipes that have been recorded for your attendance system. If you are using a card swiper or other electronic device that can deliver information to the system, this will show the bad swipes (or bad attempts).

NOTE: If your System does not use swipers or card readers to record attendance then there will be no data for this report.

Update All Students

This tool will let you mark all Students as present or absent. You can also choose to only update those Students who do not yet have a status.

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