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Faculty: Event Evaluations Menu Options

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In these example, we are using the Student Evaluating Faculty Screen. Other Event Evaluations will have similar screens and menus.

(1) Schedule

This report shows a list of all the scheduled templates for the Students Evaluating Faculty Evaluations. These templates are used to generate the actual Evaluations, and these Evaluations can be seen in the Student Evaluating Faculty listing.

You can Add Scheduled Evaluations, Manage Evaluations or Create New Evaluations from this screen.

Add Scheduled Evaluations

This screen allows you to create automated Evaluations that will be released according to the date ranges and repeating type you select.

  • The required fields are marked with an asterisk (*):
    • Pick the Evaluation
    • Select the Date Range
    • Select the Repeat Type
  • Save the record
  • Assign Groups to the Evaluation
(2) Add Evaluation

This record defines the execution of an Evaluation for a given date range. In this way, the same Evaluation can be given multiple times, often on a fixed schedule.

The Evaluation Begin Date and Evaluation End Date fields are used if Faculty are being evaluated for a given Course. The System will search the Course within this date range to find the Faculty and include them in the evaluation.

Make sure the Users you assign to an Evaluation are also in the Events that will be covered by the Evaluation. The Evaluation System will link Users to their Events and if a user has no Events for the time period of the Evaluation they will not be presented with an evaluation (these Users will appear in the Purged list).

For Course based Evaluations, you can limit the Events to be included in the Evaluation by Event Type. By default, all Events in the date range will be included. However, if you select one or more Event Types, then only those Event Types will be included. If no Event Types are selected,  all Event Types are included.

If you want to have Students evaluate Faculty per Event, then you need to use the Students Evaluating Events format.

  • Evaluation: Double click to select and Evaluation
  • Title: Optional Title for the Evaluation link
  • From Date/From Time: Enter the Dates and Time
  • To Date/To Time: Enter the Dates and Time
  • Select Users: Place a check in the box of selected Users
  • Save Link

Saving Link: You will need to reopen the new Evaluation you just created from the previous screen.

Assign Groups

Two items are needed on this screen in order to proceed:

  1. You have to Assign Groups to the Evaluation
  2. You need to input an Eval End Date

Click on the Groups in the Available Groups column to transfer to the Selected Groups column.

Other Options in the Event Evaluation Screen
Email Reminders

This list lets you specify a custom set of dates on which reminders for this Evaluation will be sent. The list of dates is based on the dates of availability for this Evaluation.

NOTE:  As long as there are selected dates in this option the standard initial and reminder schedule is not in effect for the current Evaluation link.  If you remove all of the dates, the system will once again use the standard schedule to send out reminders.

Email Test

This option will scan and create evaluations for individual Users in this Evaluation link. If group assignments are required be sure to do that first.

(3) My Evaluations
  • Manage All Evaluations: This report allows you to manage the Evaluations that you have created
  • New Evaluation: Click to create a new Evaluation
  • Course Evaluation: Return to a listing of the Course Evaluations
(4) Course Evaluation

This option will return you to the Course Evaluations selected for your Event.

(5) Update

Run this option if you need to release access to the Evaluation immediately, rather than wait for the overnight update.

(6) Refresh

Refreshes and updates the changes you have made to your Evaluations.

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