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Manage Exams: Response Reports

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The Response report options provides Administrators the ability to view reports and review options based on specific Student Exam responses.

Path: Courses > [Course Screen] > Exams > Manage Exams > Response(s)


On the Results Summary screen click Options and select from drop-down list.

For an explanation of the icons used in Reports, please refer to the Report Icon article.

  • Exports: This option will allow you to generate .CSV export reports of the exam based on sequence value or cost summary
  • Summary: This report shows a summary listing of user responses to the questions in an exam or survey
  • QR Listing: This report shows a summary of the question and responses a student selected for an exam
  • (re)Evaluate: If clicked this option will update the scores to the given exam
  • Item Analysis: This report displays statistics about a set of questions and responses
  • Gradebook: If clicked this option will push the exam scores to the Section Gradebook
  • Un-Submit: Un-submit all Submitted surveys/Exams in this list. This option will remove the submitted flag from every submitted exam in the current list
  • Submit All: Submit all Open Surveys/Exams in this list. This option will set the status of all the surveys/exams in this list to "submitted"
  • Locked Users: This report will show which students have been locked out of the exam
  • Missing Students: This report provides a list of Students assigned to this Exam who have not taken the exam
  • All Responses: Provides a grid report of all responses for all exam participants
  • All Event Responses: This results report for this exam in all events where it was used
  • Entire Course Responses: Provides a results report for all instances of this exam in a given Course
  • Scores by Category: This report provides a summary of scores by defined categories
  • Scores by Course for this Exam+Link: Provides a summary of scores by Course for the current Exam+Link
  • Question Response History Grid Report: This grid report shows # of attempts to get correct answer per question
  • List Teams and Team Leaders: Provides a report listing students by Team and the Team Leader for the current exam
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