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Event: People: Faculty View As Student

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Path: Home > Calendar > Event > [Event Screen] > People

View as Student

This report allows Administrators of this Event to view the Event and the System as one of the Students in the Event.

Step 1. To see a Student's schedule from their point of view, click on the the View button next to the Student's name.

Step 2. Verify you are selecting the correct Student and click Yes

Step 3. Refresh your System Page

In order to view the System as a Student, you will need to refresh your screen manually.

  • Click, Ok to close out of the pop-up screen.
  • Refresh the home screen
    • If using a Windows Operating System,  press the F5 key to reload the screen
    • If using a Mac/OSX Operating System,  press the Command+R keys to reload the screen

Step 4. View as a Student

You are now able to view the System from a Student User perspective.

This option is only available to Administrators of the Event and Admins for the Event's Course.

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