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Faculty: Course Mapping Menu

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These are the mapping features that are available to Faculty in their Courses.

Comprehensive Curriculum Mapping is a cornerstone of our System. The System's in-depth tracking of GoalsObjectives, and Core Competencies means you can align directly with your accreditation requirements to document what was taught, when and where it was taught, as well as how it was assessed.

mapping categories

Course Mapping Menu

All Mapping

This report will display all mapping available for the current Course.

Course Goals & Objectives (G&O)

This report will display all of the Goals and Objectives that have been mapped to Events within the current Course.

NOTE: Objectives linked to other instances of this Course in the same Academic Year will be included in this report. In general, it is assumed that different Sections of the same Course are teaching the same content, and thus all Objectives assigned to any Section should apply equally to other Sections.


TIP: If you export the data using the download arrow icon, it will include the detailed descriptions of the goal and objective.

TIP: Hover over the Goals or Objectives to see the full description.

Event Goals & Objectives (G&O)

This report shows Goals & Objectives that have been mapped at the Event level. There are many ways that Objectives can be mapped at the Event level, including:

  • Directly linked to the Event
  • Linked to Session Objectives that have been linked to an Event
  • Linked to Content (documents, videos, links) that have been linked to an Event

Click on the count to get a detailed listing of learning objects.

Detail Listing

This report shows various learning objects in the current Course that have been mapped with a given Objective.


Click the Learning Object Name or the items in the list to get more information.

Session Objectives

This report shows a listing of Session Objectives for a given Course.

  1. Opens the Event screen.
  2. Opens the Session Objective.

Hover over the Goals or Objectives to see the full description.

Session Objectives can only be updated or linked if you have the proper access.

Core Competencies

Competencies are program or accreditation-level measures. You can have your own institution-based competencies in addition to PCRS, ACGME, NBME, etc.

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