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Section Level: Faculty Overview

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Path: Home > Courses > [Select Course] > Course Section menu

1. Section Menu: Within these headers are reports and utilities to help view and/or manage the elements of the Section/Rotation.

2. Section Details:

  • Begin and End Dates
  • Course Director(s)
  • Course Coordinator(s)
  • Location
  • Your Role
  • Description

Note: Depending on faculty and institutional choice, you may also see an Info page, where content and interactive learning tools can be embedded. The landing page may also differ, with Materials or Info being the landing page instead of Details.

3. Related Materials: Materials associated to the Course Section, Campus or Course Template Level are displayed here, organized by categories. Materials can be toggled on or off screen.

This a Roles-based screen. This means that the options available to you are based on your Role in the Course. Each role will see different menus and different options in each menu.

These screens are an example of what a typical Faculty member would see.

Section Menu (1)

Each menu option will be discussed below and will have links to articles that provide more details.

event top menu

Select the Menu icon to toggle the Course Section menu on or off the screen.


This report shows all of the active discussions for the current course. You can click on any discussion to open it and take part in the discussion. Some discussions are locked down, and you will be given a warning message if you are not allowed access to the discussion.

For more detailed information refer to the Discussions article.


Click Announcements to view all active Announcements related to the Course Section.  

For more detailed information refer to the Course Messages article.

Manage Materials

Section Materials are organized under the Manage Materials menu by author or if they have been recently uploaded.

  • Select Summary to view a Summary report of all events and materials in the Section.
  • Select New to see materials uploaded to the Course Section or events within the last 14 days.
By Author
  • Select By Author to see a summary of materials for this Section by author.

The Mapping menu provides report options indicating how the content in this Section has been mapped to objectives, competencies, clinical procedures and more.

For more detailed information refer to the Mapping article.

Tree View

Review the Section in tree view which is broken down by week, instructor, Theme, Event Type, and more.

For more information on the Tree View report, please refer to the Tree View article.

Course Objectives

If Course Objectives have been enabled, this report lists all the Course Objectives for this Section.

Session Objectives

This is a listing of the course wide Session Objectives.

Core Competencies

This will list all the Core Competencies by event within this course.


NOTE: The menu screen may differ based on your specific Role in the System and your institution's specific settings. Please consult your local system administrator if you believe you should have access to a function or feature you can't find.

For detailed information on Exams, please refer to Section Assessment: Exams.

For detailed information on the Gradebook refer to Section: Gradebook.


For more detailed information refer to the Section: Events.

As of the February/March 2024 update to Events in Leo, we would discourage you from adding new Long Events to Leo. This update will bring together the features of Long Events and Regular Events in Leo into a new, modern user interface. Users will be able to create events, all-day events (that span one or more days), or events that start on one day and end on the next.

If you have questions about the new Events user interface, please contact the Leo Administrator at your institution.

Section Settings

Show Programs

This report shows a listing of all Programs to which this Section is linked.

Page Statistics

The Section Screen Statistics shows details on activity for the Section screen.

Non-Student counts refer to all Users who are not enrolled Students in the current Course. Thus, the Non-Student count may also contain Students who are not enrolled in the current Course or linked to a given Event.

The numbers for Non-Enrolled Users is most like exaggerated due to the fact that Faculty and Staff, when using Event and Course screens, often use functions that cause the screens to refresh, and each refresh counts as a new visit to the screen.

Section Statistics

Section Wide Statistics: shows a summary of activity across the Course Section screen and all Events.


This report is a generic history report that shows activity for a given record type within the system.

Section Details (2)

The course screen is the repository for the basic information about this Course Section. It shows you:

  • Begin and End Date
  • School Year
  • Campus
  • Your Role
  • Course Director and contact info
  • Course Coordinators
  • Basic course description

Related Materials (3)

This list displays documents by category. You can click on each item to download the document or open a new window for web links.

Select the Materials icon to toggle Related Materials on or off the screen.

For more detailed information refer to the Download Materials article.

Course Section Download Tools

  1. You can click on each item individually to download the document or open a new window for web links.
  2. Or you can select all documents by clicking the Select All icon or select multiple documents by checking the box next to each one you would like.
  3. If you would like to download multiple files in a .zip file click the download icon at  the top-right.
  4. Click the empty checkbox to Deselect All documents.
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