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Path: Calendar > Event >[Event Screen] > Assessment > Exams

Active Exams

This report will show you all of the active Exams for the next 10 days within the current Program.

Manage Exams

This report lets you manage all of the Exams linked to an Event. You can do a number of things from this report, including:

  •  Create a new Exam
  •  Review Exam results
  •  Set access times
  •  Set up TBL teams (Team-based Learning)
  •  Edit and revise existing Exams
  •  Unlock users locked out of Exams
  •  Reset access time or un-submit an Exam

Please refer to the article: Event Level: Manage Exams

Manage Exam List

This option lets you add or remove an Exam from the current Event. You need to be very careful when using this option because you can easily remove an active Exam. However, you can easily re-attach the Exam if you have removed it by accident.

There are three ways to view the list of available Exams:

  1. The default list of available Exams is a list of all Exams used in the last 365 days.
  2. The extended list of available Exams is a list of all Exams in Leo.
  3. The Add by Search option lets you locate Exams by searching on the name of the Exam.

Create New Exam

This screen is presented when you are creating a brand new Exam.

Leo needs several pieces of information when creating a new Exam:

  • Exam Name: What is the name of this Exam?
  • Scratch-off: Yes/No Toggle  (A Scratch-off exam is a type of Immediate Feedback Assessment technique)
    • NOTE: This will remove the question block option.
  • Question Blocks: Yes/No Toggle (Question Blocks group questions together
    • NOTE: If YES, then the scratch-off option will be disabled.
  • G&O Version:  Select G&O Version from dropdown menu
  • Assessed: YES/NO Toggle. Yes = This is a graded Exam.  No = This is an Exam.
  • Display Type: Use the chevron to select how you want the questions to be displayed

Once these fields are completed then Leo can continue on to the next step. If you have selected the Scratch-off option you will be prompted for some additional information after you exit this screen.

For more information on creating a New Exam please refer to the article on the Exam Editor Overview

Clone Exam

This feature will let you clone an existing Exam. You should only use this option if you are going to change the content of the Exam.

  • Exam to Clone: Double click to get a listing of available Exams
  • Name of New Exam: Give the cloned Exam a new name
  • Copy Administrators: YES/NO toggle
  • Maintain Association: YES/NO toggle (This will copy all Event or Course links, and Group associations).
  • Clone Exam

Quick Access (Set Access Time)

Set the Exam Access time for all Exams

Monitor Exams

This screen allows you to monitor the progress of an Exam as it happens in real-time, and to quickly and easily review the results when the Exam is completed. The following data is tracked and/or available through this screen:

Participation. In the upper left hand corner you can see:  

  •    The number of Students eligible to take the Exam
  •    The number of Students who have not started
  •    The number of Students actually taking the Exam (or who never finished)
  •    The number of Students who have completed all of the questions on the Exam

Documents. In the upper right hand corner is a list of all the documents required for this Exam.

Students. In the column on the left is a list of all Students. When your mouse hovers over the name of any Student, the details for that Student will be displayed.

Details. In the middle of the screen, in the green section, the details for the selected Student are shown:  

  •    The Student's full name
  •    Any documents the Student has submitted. You can click on the Student's documents to download them
  •    The number of questions the Student has answered. You can click on the score to get a detailed report and a PDF summary.

Detail Histogram: This feature can be accessed by  clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of the  screen. A grid will be displayed having Students on the y-axis, and  questions on the x-axis. Each cell will have a color:  

  •    Beige: No answer
  •    Green: Correct Answer
  •    Red: Incorrect Answer

If your school is using strict Gradebook security then some options will not be available, or will display but not open links to detail information. Specifically, if Gradebook security is on and you have not been granted Admin or View rights then:

  •  The link to the detail list of Students answers will not be available
  •  You will not be able to download any Student essays or documents linked to the Exam
  •  The real-time monitor will be disabled

The Real-Time Monitor Access is controlled in such a way that it ignores the read-only Gradebook access setting (even though it is checked).

We do this for two reasons:

  1. It is a resource-intense process, technically speaking, and needs to be limited in terms of which Users that can run it.
  2. Accuracy of individual Exam elements is considered a higher level of permission than just knowing final score (i.e. read-only Gradebook access).

Your Faculty will still have access to the progress monitor that shows the number of answered questions, but won't be able to get a detailed list of answers from that report for the same permission logic.

An Exam Proctor can monitor the progress of an Exam in Real-Time, while the Exam is being administered. Real-time Monitoring requires you have to Admin access to the Gradebook. Faculty generally have read-only access to Exam monitoring,

NOTE: You can only monitor an Exam that is being administered at the Event Level. Exams administered at the Course Level do NOT have this function.

TBL Review

In the Team-based Learning Review, if you set the flag to YES (Open) then Students will have access to the TBL review screen. This screen exposes the correct answers for questions.  Note: Even after access is granted, Students will still not be able to use the function until they have submitted their Exams.

Set Pre-Exam

An Event Pre-Exam is an Exam that Students are required to take in order to gain access to the Event.

  • Begin typing or double-click the text box to get a drop-down menu of Exams to choose from.
  • Once you have chosen your Exam, click Save Record to continue.

NOTE: You can use this screen to remove an existing Pre-Exam by clicking Remove Exam.

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