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Faculty: Assessments > Event Exams > Manage Exams

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Path: Event > Assessment > Exams > Manage Exams

This feature lets you manage all of the Exams linked to an Event. You can do a number of things from this report, including:

  •  Create a new Exam
  •  Review Exam results
  •  Set access times
  •  Set up TBL teams (Team-based Learning)
  •  Edit and revise existing Exams
  •  Unlock users locked out of Exams
  •  Reset access time or retract a submitted an Exam

Manage Exams Menu Options

Exam Menu options:

  1. Name: Click to access the Exam Editor. (For more information refer to: Exam: Exam Editor Overview )
  2. Responses: This report shows a summary of the per student exam results. (For more information refer to: Exam Manager: Q/R Report).  Also information on Add/Edit Responses is in this Exam Editor Article: Responses
  3. View Exam: Put Exam in View mode as a Student would see it.
  4. Remove: Clicking this will remove the Exam from the Event.
  5. Access?: Add/Remover Users
  6. TBL: Team-based Learning
  7. Display: Visible to Students/Hide from Students
  8. Linked: Yes/No link to next Exam
  9. Format: Standard
  10. Key: Exam answer key can be downloaded as PDF or printed

For more information on the Exam Editor, please refer to the Exam Editor article.

Menu Links:

  1. Manage Exam Listing: Attach or remove active Exams from the Event
  2. Create New Exam: Refer to the Exam Editor Overview article. Refer to the Exam Editor: Home Tab
  3. Clone an Exam: This option will let you clone as existing Exam. NOTE: You should only use this if you are going to change the content of the Exam.
  4. Quick Access: This feature allows you to set how many days the Exam will be accessible to Students based on a new Begin Date.
(1) Manage Exam List

This option lets you add or remove an Exam from the current event. You need to be very careful when using this option because you can easily remove an Active Exam. However, you can easily reattach the Exam if you have removed it by accident.

There are three ways to view the list of Available Exams:

  1. Active Exams: This is a list of all Exams used in the last 365 days.
  2. Extended List: This is a list of all Exams in the system
  3. Add by Search: This option lets you locate Exams by searching for the name of the Exam.
(2) Create New Exam
  • Exam Name:  An exam must have a name to be created but the name does not have to be unique.
    • However, we highly encourage you to create exam names that are succinct and obvious, such as Biology 101 Exam 2

There currently two main formats for Exams:  

  • Traditional (the default): These Exams, with multiple question types, are presented in an electronic form
  • Scratch Off Exams:  If you are going to create a Scratch Off Exam then change to YES.
    • NOTE: This is where the question is offered in an electronic scratch off form.
    • NOTE: This option will disable the question block option.
  • Question Blocks: This option allows you to group questions into blocks.
  • G&O Version: Select the version of Goals and Objectives that will be used to map this Exam.
  • Assessed: YES/NO Toggle. If the results of this Exam are going to be exported to the grade book, this field must be Yes.
  • Display type: Default format for traditional Exams should be One Per Page.
    • NOTE: This does not apply to TBL (Team-based Learning).
  • Create Exam

For more detailed information about creating new Exams, please refer to Exam Editor Overview

(3) Clone Exam

This screen will create a copy of the existing Exam, including all questions, responses and attachments.

  • Exam to Clone: Double click to see of list of Exams.
  • Name of new Exam: Create a new name for the Exam
  • Copy Administrators: YES/NO Toggle
  • Maintain Associations: Yes/No Toggle. This copies Event/Course links and Group associations.
(4) Quick Access

This feature allows you to quickly set the number of days the Exam will be available based on the new Begin Date.

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