Portrait Listing

Portrait Listing

This report displays the Academic Portraits of the Students that you have access to as their Advisor/Mentor.

The Academic Portrait Listing includes information on the number of Noteworthy Characteristics, Document Types and Uploads that are included in each individual Student's Portrait.

To view an Academic Portrait for a particular Student, click on that Student's name.

Portrait Listing Menu

  • Picture of Student
  • Email message Student
  • Student Phone Number
  • Noteworthy Characteristics: A flexible tool for Students and their Advisors/Mentors to collaborate on authoring statements for the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)
  • Export Portrait : The Academic Portrait can be downloaded as a .ZIP file export
  • Academics: A listing of Courses the Student has taken or is currently enrolled in
  • Attendance: View excused and unexcused absences
  • Evals: Evaluations done by or about the Student
  • Notes: Notes, some private, that are part of the record
  • About: General demographic information about the Student. (If you do not see the About Tab, you might need to have your Security Level increased by your institution's Administrator
  • Portfolio: Portfolios allow Students and mentors to create a set of documents that they need to keep over a period of time




Advisors may review summary evaluations on their advisees.


This screen lists all the notes that have been added to the Student's portrait.

  1. To add a new note, Options and select Add New Note link
  2. To edit a note, click on the note's text in the Preview column
  3. ​To review/edit the attachments on a note, click on the count in the Attachments column

Add New Note

This screen allows you to edit a note.

Select a Category for the note and edit its content in the field below. (*) Both fields are required.

Add new note

In this note, the Private box was checked and when the note is saved only the faculty member that wrote it will see it. The Student does not see this in their Portrait.


add category

Upload Attachments

This allows you to review/edit attachments associated with a note. 

upload attachment


General demographic information about your advisees.


A listing of all portfolios that are assigned to a Student.

Students may be assigned more than one portfolio.

Noteworthy Characteristics

Students and their Advisors will be able to collaborate on authoring statements for the MSPE.