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Manage Exams Menu Options

Exam/Survey Menu options:

  1. Name: Click to access the Exam Editor. (For more information refer to: Exam: Exam Editor Overview )
  2. Responses: This report shows a summary of the per student exam results. (For more information refer to: Exam Manager: Q/R Report).  Also information on Add/Edit Responses is in this Exam Editor Article: Responses
  3. View Exam: Put Exam in View mode as a Student would see it.
  4. Remove: Clicking this will remove the Exam from the Event.
  5. Access?: Add/Remover Users
  6. TBL: Team Based Learning
  7. Display: Visible to Students/Hide from Students
  8. Linked: Yes/No link to next Exam/Survey
  9. Format: Standard
  10. Key: Exam answer key can be downloaded as PDF or printed

For more information on the Exam Editor, please refer to the Exam Editor article.

Manage Linked Event Exams

To have one exam record for a Linked Event Set complete the following work flow.

Path: Linked Event Screen > Assessment > Exams > Manage Exams

Once on the List of Exams Report screen click on the particular Exams No Access button link you would like to link to multiple Events.

To setup up access for this Exam for t Groups apart of the Linked Event click on the Add Linked Event Groups button.

The Linked Event Groups Access  Time screen lets you specify access time to an exam and (optionally) the feedback for the exam for a group of students. To finish setting up the Exam you will need to provide access by completing the options below.

Required Field

  • Start Date - Beginning date for access
  • Start Time - Beginning time for access
  • End Date - Ending date for access
  • End Time - Ending time for access
  • Staggered - If this flag is set, each student will be required to wait between 10 to 60 seconds to gain access to the exam. Their clock will start after the staggered start. The purpose of the stagger is to ensure that the server and/or network is not overwhelmed.
  • Exam Duration - defines the duration of the exam. Note that if the end of the duration is after the End Time, then the duration will be shortened.

Optional Fields

  • Max Submissions - The maximum number of times that the exam can be taken by a student. The default is 1 (one).
  • Erase on Retake - if set to YES, more than one submission is allowed, this flag will reset the student's results on each retake.  The default is NO.
  • Feedback Days - The number of days to display a feedback link for the exam on the source course, event, or Long Event screen.
  • Feedback begin date - (note the next four settings override Feedback Days). This field defines the begin date for displaying a feedback link for the exam
  • Feedback begin time - begin time to start displaying feedback on the begin date
  • Feedback end date - ending date for displaying feedback
  • Feedback end time - ending time, on the ending date, to display feedback
  • Reminder Days - # of days before the exam to display a reminder (not yet implemented)
  • Announcement Days - # of days before the exam to create an announcement for the exam (not yet implemented)

Once finished with entering in all of the required perimeters for the Exam access click Save

Note: You are creating a new exam access time in a linked event set. A copy of the access time will be saved to the other linked events in the set.

Monitoring Exams in Linked Events

To montor the current Exams that are taking place for the Course, you have two options.

  1. Viewing the individual Event Exam progress
  2. Viewing the all of the Linked Event Exam progress

To access the real-time monitoring for exams complete the following workflow:

Path: Linked Event > Assessment > Exams > Monitor Exam > [select exam you wish to review]

Exam Monitoring Report

This screen allows you to monitor the progress of an exam as it happens in real-time, and to quickly and easily review the results afterwards. The following data is tracked and/or available through this screen:

  • Participation. In the upper left hand corner you can see:
    • The number of students eligible to take the exam
    • The number of students who have not started
    • The number of students actually taking the exam (or who never finished)
    • The number of students who have completed all of the questions on the exam
  • Documents. In the upper right hand corner is a list of all the documents required for this exam.
  • Students. In the column on the left is a list of all students. When your mouse hovers over the name of any student, the details for that student will be displayed.
  • Details. In the middle of the screen, in the green section, the details for the selected student are shown:
    • The Student's full name
    • Any documents the student has submitted. You can click on the student's documents to download them
    • The number of questions the student has answered. You can click on the score to get a detailed report and a PDF summary.
  • Detail Histogram: This feature can be accessed by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of the screen. A grid will be displayed having students on the y-axis, and questions on the x-axis. Each cell will have a color:
    • Beige: No answer
    • Green: Correct Answer
    • Red: Incorrect Answer

NOTE: If your school is using strict Gradebook security then some options will not be available, or will display but not open links to detail information. Specifically, if Gradebook security is on and you have not been granted admin or view right then:

  • The link to the detail list of students' answers will not be available
  • You will not be able to download any student essays or documents linked to the exam
  • The real-time monitor will be disabled