PET Mapping Procedures to Objectives

Patient Encounter Tracking (PET) Objectives can be mapped at the Event Level to any default Objectives that have been outlined for the course.

NOTE: For more info on default Course Objectives, see the article:  Mapping Default Course Objectives 

Path: Courses > Course Screen > Events > Event Management > [select Event] > Mapping > Map Procedures

Event Screen
  • Click Mapping.
  • Select Map Procedures.

The selected Procedures will have the chosen Objective listed below
  • To make changes to the Goals and Objective selection for your selected Procedures, right-click the Objective.
  • Exit this screen by clicking the small square icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
Mapping tab of Event Screen
  • On The Mapping tab in the Event Screen you will now see the Procedures which have been mapped to the Goals and Objectives.