Overview Screen Icons

Student and Faculty Calendar

Users will see these icons on their Home page,

  • Inbox
  • Activity
  • Pinned and Recent Pages
  • Active Pages Menu
  • Account Menu for User

Course Directors and Coordinators and Admin

Course Directors, Coordinators and Administrators will see these icons on their Home page,

Report Icons

  • View Usage
  • Set Group Security
  • Edit Screen Record
  • Edit Screen Options
  • Print Input Screen
  • Hide Inline Help / Show Inline Help (-/ +)
  • Help (for this option or feature)
  • Cancel
  • Custom Group Security Settings
  • Clone Report
  • Get SQL Duplicate
  • Edit Report or Edit Screen Options
  • Download Report
  • Help (for this option or feature)
  • Print Screen or Print to PDF

Admin Toolbar Reset/Close

This feature will really help Report Screens behave in a more intuitive, predictable manner.

When administrators open a Report Screen from the Administrator Toolbar, as soon as the report goes into a live/active state  - two new buttons will appear in the upper-right hand corner of the report: Reset and Close.

  • Clicking Reset will bring you back to the original state of the report .
  • Clicking Close will dismiss the entire report and take you back to the Calendar view.

NOTE: Use the download arrow to download the Report as an Excel file.

This report shows all of the options available in the selected menu.

From this report you can perform the following tasks:

  • Edit an existing menu item
  • Create a new menu item
  • Change the order of menu items
  • Change the security levels and group access lists for a menu item
  • Delete a menu item
  • Copy menu items into another menu

NOTE: You can view and edit menu items with a security level at or below your security level.

(1) Edit Menu: Home

(3) Admin Toolbar: Edit Menu

To edit menus within the Admin Toolbar use the Edit Menu Link and the bottom of each menu or submenu.