Competencies are program or accreditation-level measures. You can have your own institution-based competencies in addition to PCRS, ACGME, NBME, etc. 

This article will walk you through the steps required to create a new Competency Set in Leo.

NOTE: Before you continue, you must make sure there is an existing G&O Version to link to the new competency set.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Curriculum Mapping > Organization > Competencies > Competency Set Manager

Competency Set Manager
(1) Select Competency Version

This option allows you manage a Competency Set linked to a given G&O version.  Multiple competency sets can be linked to one G&O version: This is to allow you to map competencies for different accreditation bodies.

  • Select Competency Version
  • Click Run Report

Competency Set Menu

This report allows you to manage the Competencies that are linked to the current Competency Set. All Competencies must be linked to the same G&O version. However, you can have multiple Competency Sets that reference the same G&O version.

The XML and Import options are used to import and export elements for this Competency Set. The XML option will import a data set from your defined authoritative repository or from a file generated by an Leo Competency export.

If you are using a Competency Set for curricular reporting, then it is important that every Objective in the linked G&O set is linked to at least one of the Competencies in the Competency Set. Use the G&O Exception reporting option to find all of the unlinked Objectives. You can link those Objectives to their appropriate Competencies directly from this report.

NOTE: You can generate an Event Detail report by clicking Excel icon for each Competency. The Excel export routine will let you choose an academic and School Year and generate a list of all events with Objectives linked to the selected Competency.

Additional Notes
  1. New: Use this option to add a new Competency to this Competency Set.
  2. Link:  Use this option to link existing competencies to this Competency Set.
  3. G&O Exception: This  report shows all of the objectives in G&O Version linked to the current competency that have not yet been linked to a competency in the  competency set.
  4. Sets: Return to the Competency Set Manager.
  5. Domains: The Domain is used to organize the Competencies within a pre-defined  taxonomy that is often defined by the accreditation body for your  discipline.
  6. EPAs: This report shows the defined Core Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) for the current Competency Set.
  7. Detail: This report shows a competency set and lists each goal and objective linked to each competency.
  8. Deleted: View any Deleted competencies.
  9. XML: Will create an .xml document containing the competencies in this set.
  10. Import: This option will take an XML file that contains data for a competency set  and import it into the currently selected competency set.

NOTE: If you are using this competency set for Curriculum Mapping/Reporting, you must make sure that every objective in the G&O set is linked to at least one competency in the Competency Set.

G&O Count

  • Click the G&O Count link.
  • Select the Goals and Objectives you would like to add.
  • Click the square to Save and Close the screen
(2) Competency Set Manager

This report shows the list of active competency sets on your system. From here you can create a new competency set or edit the settings for a current competency set.

Add/Edit Competency Set

The following fields are required (*):

  • G&O Version: The Goals and Objectives Version which the new competency set will pull from.
  • Name: The name of your new competency set.
  • Click Save Record.
Step 6: Fill out the required fields (*)

NOTE: If no G&O Versions have been created in your system, see article on How to create a new Version of Goals and Objectives (G&O) for instructions.

Adding competencies
  • Click the Competency Count number to add new competencies to your set.

A core competency can be linked to any objective that belongs to the same Goal & Objective version as the Competency Set for the competency being edited.

Unlike the G&O structure, a competency can link to any objective (in the G&O Version) and the objective can link back to multiple competencies. 

(1) New Core Competency

This screen defines a Core Competency for use with a specific version of your Goals and Objectives as defined by a Competency Set. Because Core Competencies are linked to the Goal and Objective Version and a Competency Set you can create an unlimited collection of competency sets. This allows you to define different competencies for different programs within your system, or multiple competencies within a program.

The following fields are required (*):

  • Name: The name of this competency.
  • Click Save Record to save and continue.
Step 7B: Fill out the required fields