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Themes give Programs more flexibility in mapping their curriculum. Themes are used to tag Events and other curriculum objects.

We typically see Themes as broad content based topics, such as disciplines, that you would want to track at the Event level across a Course or curriculum.

For an explanation of the icons used in Reports, please refer to the Reports Icon article and Admin Toolbar Reset/Close

Path: Admin Toolbar > Curriculum Mapping > Reports > Themes > Themes Menu


This filter screen is used to set the parameters for the Theme Hours report.

Fields are:

  • Include Course Level Mapping (optional)
  • Academic Year (required)
  • School Year (optional)
  • Theme (required)
  • Event Types (optional). If no Event types are selected, all will be used
  • Run Report

As you select various fields the available items will be adjusted. This is to make it easier to see which parameter combinations have no results before you run the report.

For example, based on the parameters selected for the Theme Hours Report, this will allow you the option of selecting the desired Events and Events Types you would like to run in this report which are associated with a School Year, Academic Year, or Course.

When you run the report, you will be given a summary view of the data.  From the summary view, you will be able to drill down a detail report or go back to the filter to change your options.

Report Filters

If you check the Include Course Level option, Leo will include Course Level Theme Mapping to all Events in that Course. 

If the Include Course Level option is not checked, then only Event level mapping will be considered.


This summary report shows the list of Themes for a given Academic Year.

A count of the learning objects (Events or Courses) linked to each Theme is provided, along with a link to create an detailed Event spreadsheet of the linked Events.

Click on the Excel icon to run the detail report

Summary By Course/Event

For detailed information on Themes: Summary By Course, please refer to the article Summary By Course

For detailed information on Themes: Summary By Event, please refer to the article Summary By Event

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