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Goals & Objectives Overview

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Goals and Objectives represent the overarching areas of knowledge that are taught within your curriculum.

The Goal is the main topic (or folder); whereas, an Objective is a specific sub-topic (or sub-folder).

As such, there can be many different Objectives within a Goal, but only one Goal per Objective.

Goals and Objectives are tracked in the following ways:

  • Where they are taught (which courses and events).
  • Where they are tested.
  • How well they are mastered by Students.
  • Through specific knowledge, known as Session Objectives, that are employed in certain learning events to support your broader Program Objectives

The hierarchy is: Categories > Goals > Objectives > Session Objectives.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Curriculum Mapping > Organization > Goals and Objectives

G&O Version

A G&O Version links Goals and Objectives together to form a unique set of Goals and Objectives, also known as the G&O version. Before any curriculum mapping is done, the current G&O version must be defined in the system.

The version you create can be utilized for multiple years, until your institution undergoes a major curriculum revision.

Once a G&O Version has been attached to one or more active Academic years, you will not be able to remove it.

WARNING: Once you have started mapping against a particular G&O version, do not assign a different one to that year!

If a G&O Version is revised, you will lose all the mapping you did against the original version.

This screen lets you select the version of Goals and Objectives to manage. You can also use the Version Manager to modify an existing version or create a new version.

(1) Version

This screen is used to manage the Goals linked a specific version of the G&O. From this screen you can:

  • Create new Goals
  • Manage existing Goals
  • Merge two Goals
  • Manage the list of Objectives associated with a given goal
  • Review deleted Goals
  • Review orphaned Objectives (Objectives where the parent Goal has been deleted
  • Review the Categories associated with the current set of G&O

You can create a report of events linked to a Goal using the Excel export option by clicking on the Excel icon   which will then let you select a given Academic Year and optional School Year for the detailed event report for the Goal.

The XML option will let you export a XML document that will contain the Categories, Goals, and Objectives of the current version.

The import option will allow you import a G&O XML export back into  the system. This is very useful when creating a new version of your G&O You can export the current version and then import it into your  new version, where can then modify it without disturbing your current  G&O version.

Version Menu

  • New Goal: Create a New Goal for the current G&O Version
  • Version: Select a New Version of your Goals and Objectives to review
  • Orphaned: This will display all Objectives that are no longer connected to a Goal. These Objectives are not available for use until they are reconnected to a Goal.
  • Deleted: This will generate a report of all deleted G & O, including the descriptions for each.
  • Categories: This will show a summary list of all Categories associated with this version of G&O.
  • Competency Check: This runs a check for Objectives not connected to a given competency Set.
  • XML: This will create an XML data set of the current G&O. This XML document is used to create or update another G&O set.
  • Import: This will allow you to update the current set of Objectives with an XML data set of Objectives from another Objective Version or system.
  • Goal#: Displays Goal number
  • Goal (Click to Edit): Edit Goal and Category on this screen
  • Objectives (Click to View): View Objectives
  • Merge: Click here to merge the current Goal with another Goal in this Version of G&O. This Goal will be the active Goal after the merger.
  • XLS (Excel): Click the Excel icon to download a highly detailed report of the Events linked to this Goal for a given Academic Year and/or School Year.
  • Category: This is the Category which the Goal has been assigned.
(2) Version Manager

G&O Versions allow you to maintain multiple current versions of Goals and Objectives for different Programs on the same system as well as historical versions of Goals and Objectives.

The G&O Version is linked to the Academic Year, and the Academic Year is assigned to Courses. It is this link that lets Courses know what version of G&O to use.

For more information on the Version Manager, refer to G&O: Create New Version

Version Manager Menu

  • Create New Version: Click here to create a new G&O version
  • Goals and Objectives: Click here to select a new Version and manage the G&O
  • Deleted Versions: Click to review deleted Versions.
(3) Categories

This is a list of all defined Categories in your system. The G&O hierarchy is: Categories -> Goals -> Objectives -> Session Objectives

This report will also indicate how many Goals have been linked to each Category, for all versions of G&O in your system.

For more information on Categories, refer to What is a Category?

Categories Menu

  • New Category: Click here to create a New Category
  • G&O Manager: Click here to select a G&O Version to manage

New/Edit Goal Category

For more information on creating a new Category or editing a category, refer to Category: Create New/Edit Existing

G&O Manager

This screen lets you select the version of Goals and Objectives to manage. You can also use the Version Manager to modify an existing version or create a new version.

TIP: For detailed reports of Category information for a particular G& version, see the Goal and Objective Reports.  Refer to Curriculum Mapping: Reports

NOTE: Please note that the Category reports are optional, and your Sys Admin may have to activate the reports in the Account Manager : Modules > Mapping.

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