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These Goals and Objectives Reports are detail reports of the GoalsObjectives, and Session Objectives within the context of a given Course and year.

For an explanation of the icons used in Reports, please refer to the Reports Icon article and Admin Toolbar Reset/Close.

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Tree View

The Goals and Objectives (G&O) Tree allows you to view the Goals and Objectives that have been linked to the Courses, Events, Exams, materials, Session Objectives, diagnoses, and procedures in your system. It is an expanded overview of the overall mapping in your curriculum.


NOTE: Due to the potentially large amount of data, the G&O Tree is for online viewing only. There is no option to print or export the information listed in the tree.

tree expanded

TIP: Quickly expand or collapse all items in the list by using the + or - signs located at the top-right corner screen.

TIP: If a link does not expand, this means the objective in question has not been linked to any Courses/Events/etc. within the selected Academic Year.

Comprehensive Summary

This report will detail the learning objects (Events and Courses) that were linked to a Competency/Objective for a given Academic Year and School Year.

The data will be presented in a grid report, with Courses along the x-axis and Competencies/Objectives along the y-axis. Each cell will hold the number of learning objects linked to the Course and Competency/Objectives.

As this is primary a curricular report, only one section from each Course will be presented. This is to ensure that the report shows a representative dataset of what the average Student would experience.

By Year

This report will present a summary report of G&O by year. You can drill down to a detailed list of Events or Courses from the summary report.

You can choose from the following report types (select source):

  • Events - Summary view of G&O at the Event level by Course for a given Academic and school year
  • Courses - Summary view of G&O at the Course level by Course for a given Academic and school year
  • Exams - Summary view of G&O at the Exam level by Course for a given Academic and school year
  • Years-Events - A summary listing of G&O at the Event level by school year for one Academic year
  • Years-Courses - A summary listing of G&O at the Course level by school year for one Academic year
By Faculty/Course

This report will show the G&O Assigned to a given Course, by Faculty.

First, select the Academic year your are interested in. This will populate the Course list with the Course for the selected year.

Courses with an asterisk (*) by their name are Courses that have been selected for inclusion in curriculum reporting as the best Example of that Course for the given year.

Detail by Year

This report will generate a spreadsheet listing Events selected based on the parameters you select. The spreadsheet will contain basic information about the Events and detailed information about the curricular mapping for the Events.

Fields to select from:

  • Program
  • Academic Year - You must select a program first
  • School Year - List of school years for the selected Academic year
  • Instructional - If selected, only Events with an instructional Event type will be selected.

NOTE: Only primary Courses will be included in this report. This report can be very large and can take some time to process.

Course Objectives

Course Objectives can be added to Courses in Academic Years with the "Enable Course Objectives" option turned on. This report will list all Course Objectives for courses in the selected Academic Year as well as indicate the number of events within the given course that are mapped to the Course Objective. Use the filter option to further refine the data represented in the report.

Session Objectives

This screen lets you specify the settings for the Session Objective report for a given Academic year.

You can generate one of three versions of the report:

  1. Courses with Session Objectives. This will run a list of Courses with Session Objectives.
  2. Courses with no Session Objectives. This will run a  report of all Courses for the year that have G&Os and Session Objectives . Courses without G&Os will be excluded.
  3. Session Objective Detail Report. This will show a list of all Session Objectives for the Academic Year.

Note that the list of years includes a count of the Session Objectives for the year.

Session Objectives by Course

This report will generate a listing of Session Objectives for a given Course in a given year.

Summary by Course

After selecting a Course, the report shows each Event with its Session Objectives and any materials linked to the Event.

Begin typing or double-click the text box to get a drop-down list of options to choose from.

Unused G&O Event

This report shows you all Goals and Objectives for a given Academic year that were not used in any Events for the year selected.

Unused G&O Course

After selecting a Year, the report displays a list of Goals and Objectives not used in any Course within that year.

Unused G&O Exam

After selecting a Year, the report displays a list of Goals and Objectives not used in any Exam within that year.

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