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Resources are used to identify resources used in Events and other settings. They can be assigned via the Mapping options in Events.

This is the official list of CI Resources used for curricular mapping. You maintain your own set of Resources for your system.

  • If your set is identical to the official set, then you can use the Automap feature to link your Resources to the CI Resources.
  • If your resources are different than the CI Resource list then you will have match your set item by item to the best match you can find in the CI Resource list.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Curriculum Mapping > Curriculum Inventory > CI Resources


1. In the Mapped Resources column you can view and edit the selected Resources by clicking on the number.


2. CI A/M Menu:

  • Add a Resource: This option will let you create a new record. This is an official CI list, so be certain you need to add the record.
  • Automap: This option will link all matching local and CI Assessment types.
  • Unmap All: This option will clear all of the links to local records.
  • XML: Use this option to save your current data as an XML file.
  • Import: Use this option to import new or updated records from an external XML file.
  • Deleted: Use the option to review deleted records

Add Resource

This screen is used to enter a new CI Resource. Normally, you should not need to do this, but instead, you should use the Import  tool to get the most up to date copy of the official Resource list. This resource list must match the official list from your accreditor, so  please do not update these records unless you are sure your changes conform with the standards from your accreditor.

If you need a different resources for you system, use the Resources Manager in the Goals & Objectives menu as this is where you can manage your local resources. For more information, please refer to the article under Curriculum Mapping: Organization > Resources


Unmap All




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