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Organization: I/M & A/M

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These features list all Instructional and Assessment Methodologies defined in your system and allow you to edit and maintain these lists.

  • Instructional Methodologies (IM) describe how a learning Event is taught.
  • Assessment Methodologies (AM) describe how learning will be assessed.

There can be multiple Instructional and Assessment Methodologies assigned to an Event. However, only those methodologies that are linked to a given Program will be available to Courses and Events within that Program.

The process for managing Instructional and Assessment Methodologies is the same.

For the purpose of this article, we are referring to Assessment Methodologies but the same workflow can be applied to Instructional Methodologies.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Curriculum Mapping > Organization > Assessment Methodologies

Instructional Methodology

This report lists all active Assessment Methodologies that have been defined in your system, and which programs they are linked to.

  1. Click to Edit:To edit the settings, click the name of the methodology under the Assessment Methodology column.
  2. Click to Manage: View and manage the different programs assigned to that methodology under the Program Count column.
  3. Add/New: Click to create new methodologies.
  4. Deleted: Review any previously deleted methodologies.
  5. One Program: Allows you to select a specific Program and then view all the AM available for that specific Program.
  6. XML: Export this list of Methodologies.
  7. Import: Allows you to Import a list from your files/repositories.
(1) Edit or (3) Add New Assessment Methodology

The Curriculum Reporting option that sends data back to your accreditor  will have an official list. You need to map your A/M set to the  official A/M set. If the two sets are the same, you can auto-link the records. If they are different, then you will need to link the records  one by one.

Assessment Methodologies (A/M) are normally assigned by your accreditor.  You can add and/or modify the records for use within your curriculum.

  1. Code: Make sure a new record code follows the numbering scheme of the Assessment Methodologies that already exist.
  2. Name: Search for existing or create a new one word name.
  3. Save Record
Edit Assessment Methodology

Do not adjust existing codes unless you are absolutely sure of what you are doing. If not sure, then please call the help desk before adjusting this field.

A/M are only made available to a Program after they have been linked to the Program.

(2)Manage Program Count

Click on the Program Count to map a particular AM to a specific Program.

Click on the Programs that are in the Available Programs column to move them into the Selected Program column.

(4) Deleted

To remove an item from the Deleted list, change the Deleted : YES to NO.

(5) One Program

Click on One Program to view resources that are only linked to a given Program. You will be able to manage the list of resources assigned to the Program at this screen.

(6) XML

Click the XML link to generate an XML export to a file or a repository.

(7) Import
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