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CI Keywords


CI Keywords (i.e. Themes in Leo) are used to indicate content taught in an Event or Course.

Keywords are not currently required as part of the CI Report. However, you can still submit Keyword data by utilizing Themes in Leo. The Theme list is developed on an institutional basis and you can opt in all or only certain Themes to be included as Keywords. There is also an official list of CI Keywords from the AAMC, which you can access here. For more information on CI Keywords, please visit the AAMC's Building a Curriculum Inventory: Keywords.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Curriculum Mapping > Organization> Themes > [Select Program]

2020-2021 CI Reporting Details

For the 2021 CI Season (reporting on the 2020-2021 Academic Year), the AAMC advises that Keywords (i.e. Themes in Leo) be used to track modifications in the curriculum due to COVID-19. The COVID-19 related keywords from the AAMC are: COVID-19 Virtual, COVID-19 Altered and COVID-19 Added (new for 2020-2021). For more information and definitions, please see the AAMC CI newsletter.

To add these Keywords in your CI report

  1. Select Add New Theme [COVID-19 Virtual or COVID-19 Altered]
  2. Enter Theme Name
  3. Click Include in CI
  4. Select Save Record

You may include Themes beyond the two official Keywords requested by the AAMC: COVID-19 Remote and COVID-19 Altered. Themes you have opted in will then show as Keywords on your CI Preview Report in Leo (Admin Bar > CURRICULUM MAPPING > Curriculum Inventory > Reports > Preview) as well as the official CI Verification Report

For more information regarding Themes, please see: Themes.

If your curricular data is incomplete due to COVID changes,  then the AAMC requests that you do not include substantially altered courses that are not accurate reflections of your curriculum in the CI report. This will mean excluding those courses from the Sequence Blocks in order to provide accurate data.

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