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Hide Mapping From Students

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This feature will allow administrators to hide curriculum mapping from Students until after the Event.  

This must be activated in the Account Manager settings, see the following article Account Manager: Modules >Mapping Program > Mapping Settings for instructions.

TIP: Once activated in the Account Manager, the Course Director will need to go to the Event Screen and turn on the Hide Mapping from Students feature.  This requires a security level of 70 or higher.

Note: Faculty have a security level of 40 and cannot control this feature in their events.

Path: Home > Calendar > Event > Mapping  > Hide Mapping from Students

Event Level

This screen lets you control the flag that locks down mapping in the Event to Students. The lock has two levels:

  1. Non-enrolled Students are permanently locked out.
  2. Enrolled Students are locked out until 10 days after the Event (default value, which you can adjust).

Lockout includes:

  • Mapping Tab in the Event screen
  • Search: All mapping related to Event will be excluded
  • Objective reports

To hide mapping from Student, change the dropdown to YES and click Save Mapping Lock Flag.

Course Level Hidden Mapping Report

This report will display to Course Directors where mapping has been hidden from Students.

The default restriction for students is lifted 10 days after an Event. This can be adjusted at the Event level.

Path: Course Screen > Mapping > Hidden Mapping

Click the Hidden Mapping link to view a report of all Events with hidden mapping.

  1. Clicking on the Name of the Event will take you to the Event screen.
  2. From the Event Screen, click on the Mapping Tab
  3. The Mapping Lock is set.
Student View of Hidden Mapping

When a Student clicks on the Mapping tab in an Event where the mapping is hidden, they will see this message.

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