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Goals & Objectives: Merge Two Goals

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This article will show you how to merge two Goals together. This can be useful if duplicate goals exist and need to be combined.

Path: Admin toolbar > Curriculum Mapping > Organization> Goals and Objectives

  • Select the G & O Version
  • Click Run Report
Step 2: Select the G&O Version

Locate Primary Goal

Select the Primary Goal that you want to merge with another Goal. After the merge, this Goal will be the active Goal.

Step 3: Locate the target Goal you would like to merge into

Search for the Target Goal that will be merged into the Primary Goal.

  • Begin typing in the box, or double-click to get a drop-down menu of the Goals to choose from.
  • Click Merge Goals button to complete the merge.
  • You will receive a warning asking if you are sure you would like to merge the two goals.
  • Click Okay to continue.
Step 4: Select the Goal you would like to merge with

NOTE: The combined Goal will have the name and description of the primary Goal.  Any objectives or categories linked to the secondary goal will be added to the new combined goal.

NOTE: This merge cannot be reversed, so please make sure you are merging the correct two goals!

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