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CI: Accreditors > Add Accreditation Body

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Before any accreditation reports can be submitted, you will need to add the Accreditation Body to your system.

We strongly suggest that you discuss your accreditation requirements with our Leo Professional Development Team, so that we can help you set up the Accreditor correctly in your system.

You can always reach us with any questions via the Help Desk.

Path: Home > Admin Toolbar > Curriculum Mapping > Curriculum Inventory > Accreditors > [Add Accreditation Body]

Add/Edit Accreditation Body

Step 1: Click 'Add Accreditation Body'
  1. Click Add Accreditation Body.
  2. Or Edit an existing accreditation body by clicking the link under the Abbr column.

(1) Add Accreditation Body

  • Fill out the required fields (*).
  • Click Save Record to save and exit.
Step 2: Fill out the required fields (*)

NOTE: The Portal URL option will be provided to your organization through the accreditation organization.

(2) Edit CI Accreditor

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