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These reports are used to analyze the mapping of:

  • Instructional Methodologies (IM)
  • Assessment Methodologies (AM)
  • Resources

There are other reports, such as the Competency report, that will show the use of IM, AM, and Resources within the context of Competencies. Refer to the chapter on Curriculum Inventory

Path: Home > Admin Toolbar > Curriculum Mapping > Reports > IM/AM/Resource

The Use CI Rules option will tell the report to only select the Section in each Course that has been designated as the best example of mapping for the Course.

For example:

  • If 3rd year Medicine has 8 Sections, by default the first Section will be flagged as the representative Section.
  • However, if you believe Rotation #3 is a better example, you can change the CI flag to reflect that.

Management of the CI flag is done in the CIP Manager. Refer to article CIP Sections Report.

Fill out the required fields (*) and Run Report.

Assessment Methodology Mapping Using CI Rules

This report shows a summary of learning objects or hours for a given mapping set (such as Assessment or Instructional  Methodologies) by School Year or by Course.

You can click on any of the cells to get a detail listing of the data in the cell.

  • This report is Linked Event aware.
  • This report only shows Primary Courses in CI mode.
  • This report only shows the Primary Mapping Section of a course in CI mode.

Mapping Detail

  • This report shows a detailed listing of the learning objects for a given mapping elements for a given Course or School Year within an Academic Year.
  • The purpose of this report is to provide a detail listing of the data in a cell of summary report.
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