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Competencies: Cloning a Competency Set

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When adding a new set of goals and objectives to a curriculum, you may want to map it to competencies prior to activating it.  

A competency set can only be mapped to one set of goals and objectives at a time.  

By following this procedure, you can clone your existing competency set in order to map your new goals and objectives without disrupting your current curriculum mapping.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Curriculum Mapping > Organization > Competencies > Competency Set Manager


Select the Competency Count for the one you want to clone.


Click XML link

Export Competency Set

  • Choose Download directly to your device.
  • Save File

Competency Set Manager

Navigate back to Admin Toolbar > Curriculum Mapping > Organization > Competencies

  1. Select Competency Set Manager.
  2. Click Add Competency Set
Step 4: Competency Set Manager

Add Competency Set

  • G&O Version: Choose version for the new Competency Set link.  (This G&O Version must exist prior to this step.)
  • Name: Create a name for the cloned Competency Set that will signal its relationship to the new G&O set.  
  • Save Record.
Step 5: Add Competency Set

NOTE: For more information on how to create a new Goals and Objectives version, see How to create a new Goals and Objectives G&O Version.

Select Competency Set

  • Click Select Competency Set.
Step 6: Select Competency Set

Select Version

  • Select the version just created from the dropdown menu.
  • Click Run Report.
Select Version

Import XML file

  1. Click Import.
  2. Select Upload data from a file.
  • Browse to find your previously download XML file.
  • Save File

The file will be scanned for viruses, this can take a few moments.

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