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What is a Category?

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Categories serve a very broad purpose of aligning a range of Objectives. Categories can be defined by each school to best suit your specific curriculum needs.  

The hierarchy in our system is: Categories > Goals > (Course) Objectives > Session Objectives.

TIP: Most schools create a single Category that references the nature of their Program (eg, "Nursing" or "Pharmacy" or "Medicine") and use that in the few places where a Category is required.

NOTE: Categories can be linked to Goals and Objectives but are not included in the AAMC CIP (Curriculum Inventory) report.

NOTE: Categories are not required for reporting purposes.

Category Example

Path: Admin Toolbar > Curriculum Mapping > Organization > Goals and Objectives > [Select G&O Version] > Run Report > Click to Edit

In this example of editing a Goal, notice that the Category field can be edited from the down arrow.

Example of field requiring a category
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