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G&O Version Report


This screen lets you select the Version of Goals and Objectives to manage. You can also use the Version Manager to modify an existing Version or create a new Version.

Admin Toolbar: Curriculum Mapping >Organization> Goals and Objectives > [select the Version] > Run Report

  1. Select the G&O Version
  2. Run Report

Manage Goals for G&O Version

This report is used to manage the Goals linked a specific Version of the G&O.

From the menu links on this screen you can:

  • New Goal: This options will let you create a new Goal for this current G&O Version
  • Version: This option will let you select a new Version of your G&O to review. For detail instructions refer to Goals and Objectives: Create New Version
  • Orphaned: This will show you all of the Objectives that are no longer connected to a Goal. The Objectives are not available for use until they are connected to a Goal.
  • Deleted: This option will show you all of the deleted Goals that are linked to the G&O Version, If a Goal is deleted, then all of the objectives linked to that Goal will be orphaned.
  • Detail: This option will generate a report of all Goals and Objectives including the descriptions for each.
  • Categories: This option will show a summary list of Categories associated with this Version of G&O.
  • Competency Check: Use the feature to run a check for Objectives not connected to a given Competency Set. For detail instructions refer to Competencies
  • XML: This option will create a XML data set of the current Goals & Objectives. This XML document can be used to create or update another G&O set.
  • Import: This feature will allow you to update the current set of Objectives with an XML data set of Objectives from another Objective version or system.

The column heading's menu features:

  1. Goal (Click to Edit): Edit Goal Number, Name, description, Category and G&O Version from this screen
  2. Objectives (Click to view): Click to view all Objectives for this Goal and add New Objectives
  3. Merge: Use this option to Merge to objectives together. For detail instructions refer to Merge Two Goals
  4. XLS: Create a report of Events linked to a Goal by selecting an Academic Year and optional School Year for the detailed Event Report for the Goal.
  5. Category: This is the category to which this Goal has been assigned. For detail instructions refer to What is a Category?
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