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Competencies are program or accreditation-level measures. You can have your own institution-based competencies in addition to PCRS, ACGME, NBME, etc. 

This article will walk you through the steps required to create a new Competency Set in Leo.

NOTE: Before you continue, you must make sure there is an existing G&O Version to link to the new competency set.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Curriculum Mapping > Organization > Competencies > Competency Set Manager

Competency Set Manager
(1) Select Competency Version

This option allows you manage a Competency Set linked to a given G&O version.  Multiple competency sets can be linked to one G&O version: This is to allow you to map competencies for different accreditation bodies.

  • Select Competency Version
  • Click Run Report

Competency Set Menu

This report allows you to manage the Competencies that are linked to the current Competency Set. All Competencies must be linked to the same G&O version. However, you can have multiple Competency Sets that reference the same G&O version.

The XML and Import options are used to import and export elements for this Competency Set. The XML option will import a data set from your defined authoritative repository or from a file generated by an Leo Competency export.

If you are using a Competency Set for curricular reporting, then it is important that every Objective in the linked G&O set is linked to at least one of the Competencies in the Competency Set. Use the G&O Exception reporting option to find all of the unlinked Objectives. You can link those Objectives to their appropriate Competencies directly from this report.

NOTE: You can generate an Event Detail report by clicking Excel icon for each Competency. The Excel export routine will let you choose an academic and School Year and generate a list of all events with Objectives linked to the selected Competency.

Additional Notes
  1. New: Use this option to add a new Competency to this Competency Set.
  2. Link:  Use this option to link existing competencies to this Competency Set.
  3. G&O Exception: This  report shows all of the objectives in G&O Version linked to the current competency that have not yet been linked to a competency in the  competency set.
  4. Sets: Return to the Competency Set Manager.
  5. Domains: The Domain is used to organize the Competencies within a pre-defined  taxonomy that is often defined by the accreditation body for your  discipline.
  6. EPAs: This report shows the defined Core Entrustable Professional Activities (EPAs) for the current Competency Set.
  7. Detail: This report shows a competency set and lists each goal and objective linked to each competency.
  8. Deleted: View any Deleted competencies.
  9. XML: Will create an .xml document containing the competencies in this set.
  10. Import: This option will take an XML file that contains data for a competency set  and import it into the currently selected competency set.

NOTE: If you are using this competency set for Curriculum Mapping/Reporting, you must make sure that every objective in the G&O set is linked to at least one competency in the Competency Set.

G&O Count

  • Click the G&O Count link.
Step 7D: (optional) Click the G&O Count to add Goals and Objectives to the Competency
  • Select the Goals and Objectives you would like to add.
  • Click the square to Save and Close the screen
(2) Competency Set Manager

This report shows the list of active competency sets on your system. From here you can create a new competency set or edit the settings for a current competency set.

Add/Edit Competency Set

The following fields are required (*):

  • G&O Version: The Goals and Objectives Version which the new competency set will pull from.
  • Name: The name of your new competency set.
  • Click Save Record.
Step 6: Fill out the required fields (*)

NOTE: If no G&O Versions have been created in your system, see article on How to create a new Version of Goals and Objectives (G&O) for instructions.

Adding competencies
  • Click the Competency Count number to add new competencies to your set.

A core competency can be linked to any objective that belongs to the same Goal & Objective version as the Competency Set for the competency being edited.

Unlike the G&O structure, a competency can link to any objective (in the G&O Version) and the objective can link back to multiple competencies. 

Step 7A: Click New to add a new competency

(1) New Core Competency

This screen defines a Core Competency for use with a specific version of your Goals and Objectives as defined by a Competency Set. Because Core Competencies are linked to the Goal and Objective Version and a Competency Set you can create an unlimited collection of competency sets. This allows you to define different competencies for different programs within your system, or multiple competencies within a program.

The following fields are required (*):

  • Name: The name of this competency.
  • Click Save Record to save and continue.
Step 7B: Fill out the required fields
(3) Install from Repository
Import from a File

Competencies can be imported to a Competency Set in Leo via a .xml file.

Path: Admin Toolbar > Curriculum Mapping > Organization > Competencies > Competency Set Manager > [click on the number for the competency set] > Options > Import.

Some common competencies are found in the built-in repository for Leo (e.g. PCRS, ACGME). But other competencies might be more easily compiled in a .xml file and imported rather than added manually in Leo, especially when you have potentially hundreds of competencies, as in the case with the AOA Core Competencies. 

To import competencies from a file choose "Upload Data from File," and follow the on-screen prompts.

We have a .xml file available below for download that you can use to import all of the AOA Core Competencies into Leo. This is a detailed set and will prove particularly useful for Osteopathic schools who need to use the AOA > PCRS crosswalk to submit their Curriculum Inventory report.

You may need to right-click and choose "save file as", or "save link as" depending on which browser you are using.

We also have a .xml version of the PCRS competencies that come preloaded with Leo, for reference purposes.

You may need to right-click and choose "save file as", or "save link as" depending on which browser you are using.

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