CI Instructional Methods

The CI Instructional Methods report is used to map CI Instructional Methodologies to your organization's Instructional Methodologies.

  • This is a two-part process where the Event Types used by your organization must first be linked to Instructional Methods. Then those Instructional Methods must be linked to your accrediting body's Instructional Methods.
  • If your Instructional Methods match the official list, then you can use the Automap option to link all the records together. If your Instructional Methods DO NOT match the official list, then you will have to manually match the two methods.
  • For the CI Report, all Event Types must be linked to at least one Instructional or Assessment Method.
  • While you can map both Instructional and Assessment methodologies to an Event Type, any event with both an Instructional Methodology and an Assessment Methodology will be considered Instructional for purposes of your CI report. This is a function of the AAMC Curriculum Inventory reporting engine, outside the control of Leo.
Part One: Event Types

Please refer to the article on adding an Event Type and linking it to A/M or I/M in Course Management: Course Settings: Events > Event Types

Part 2: CI Instructional Methods

Path: Admin Toolbar > Curriculum Mapping > Curriculum Inventory > CI Instructional Methods


1. In the Mapped Instructional Methods column you can view and edit the selected Instructional by clicking on the number.


2. CI A/M Menu:

  • Add: This option will let you create a new record. This is an official CI list, so be certain you need to add the record.
  • Automap: This option will link all matching local and CI Instructional types.
  • Unmap All: This option will clear all of the links to local records.
  • XML: Use this option to save your current data as an XML file.
  • Import: Use this option to import new or updated records from an external XML file.
  • Deleted: Use the option to review deleted records


This IM record is based on an export from the accreditation body. You should not modify this record unless you are absolutely sure it should be modified.

If you are not sure, contact the Leo help desk.

NOTE: Adding a new Instructional Method can break your export to your accrediting body. For this reason, you should NOT add a new Instructional Method unless you are sure that the record should be changed.


If your Instructional Methods match the official list, you can use the Automap option to link all the records. Click Automap to link to the official list.