Faculty: Long Event Assignment Management

Assignments in the System are essentially inboxes or placeholders for each Student to upload their document/file/Assignment.

All Assignments must be linked to an Event or Long Event.

Student Assignments in Events

Path: Calendar > Event > Event Screen > Materials > Assignments > Student Assignments

Create New Assignment

The only required field (*) is the Assignment Folder's Name (Document Name)

Assignment Folder/Place Holder

This screen is used to review and score documents uploaded by Students for an Assignment.

  • Students are able to upload as many documents as they want, but only the most recent document is available for grading.
  • Faculty can also upload a document for a Student.

Links to Features

  • Export to Gradebook: At any time the scores and comments can be exported to the Gradebook.
  • Students with no Documents: List of Students that have not uploaded their Assignment.
  • Students with Documents: List of Students that have completed the Assignment.
  • Export as Zip File option, create a Zip file with the Most Recent Files or Create a Zip file with All Files (these include older versions of the documents)/

Grading Assignments

  • Student: ID or Name
  • Document (Download): Faculty can download and view the Students Assignments
  • Upload New Document: Faculty can upload Student's work FOR them.
  • Delete: Faculty can delete a document.
  • Score: Text box will appear beside all documents that have been uploaded for scoring.
  • Comment: Comments are optional. The free text comment section can be as long as a 34 pages of single spaced 12 font text.
  • Upload Date: The time is date stamped when the Student uploads their Assignments.

NOTE: Grades and comments are linked to the actual file, so if the Student uploads a new file it will have to be re-graded.

Students Upload Assignment Event Level

Path: Event Screen > Materials > Assignments > Add Assignment

When an Assignment is due, Students can upload the Assignment directly to the Event Folder.

  1. Click the Folder link to upload the file
  2. Select the File to upload by choosing the file
  3. Click Save File
Students Upload Assignments at Course/Section level.

From the Course/Section screen select Assessment and click My Assignments.

Then follow the same steps as you would at the Event level by choosing the file you wish to upload.

Creating Student Assignments in Long Events
  • In your Long Event Screen, click Assignments.
  • Select Manage Assignments. 

Here you will be able to create a new Assignment or view existing Assignments for this particular Event.

Create New Assignment Folder

You will need to create an Assignment Folder for Students to upload their documents into.

Click the Create New Assignment.

  • The Name of the Assignment and the Begin Date/End Date are the only required fields (*).
  • Click Save Record.
Student View of Long Event Assignment

When an Assignment is due in a Long Event, a colored bar will appear on the Calendar and is displayed over the specified days that the Long Event occurs.

  • Click the Long Event bar to open the Long Event Screen.

The Assignments Tab will have a red number and the will appear in bold text.

  1. Click the Upload Document Icon to upload document/file.
  2. Select document/file.
  3. Click Save File

Click continue to confirm upload.

The Assignment was successfully uploaded.

Note: The Assignment is no longer bold and the red number is no longer on the Assignments Tab.