Faculty: Event Evaluation Types Overview

Path: Calendar > Event > [Event Screen] > Assessment > Evaluations > Event Evaluations

For information on setting up a Peer Evaluation, please refer to the Peer Evaluation article.

Event Evaluations

Note: The Event Evaluations exclude the Evaluation Types of Clinical Faculty and Students Evaluating each other. Should you need to utilize or enable one of these Event types, please add the Evaluation at the Course Section level.

For more information on Reports, refer to Event Evaluations: Reports

For more information refer to Manage Users and Messages

Students Evaluating Faculty

Student Evaluating Faculty is based on Student interactions in standard Events in a given Course for a given time period. Using the schedule, the System will match Students up with the Faculty who have instructed them.

This Evaluation Type also has an option to filter Events by Event Type, so that you generate Evaluations for Labs, Discussions, etc, while filtering out other Event types.

Students Evaluating the Event

This screen lets you set up an Evaluation of a  specific Event. This is not an Evaluation of the instructors in the Event: It is an Evaluation of the Event itself.

Students Evaluating Students

This Evaluation Type allows Student to evaluate other Students. This Evaluation Type can be linked at the Course, Event, or Long Event level.

These Evaluations are based on Small Group Sets, such as:

  • TBL groups
  • LAB groups
  • PBL groups

After selecting the Evaluation tool, the  administrator of the Evaluation then has to pick the small group set that will identify the Student Groups. Each User in each Group will evaluate all of the other Group members.

NOTE: If an Evaluation has [T] after the name in the report, that indicates that the Evaluation is a targeted Evaluation.

Faculty Evaluating Students

This report shows all of the scheduled Evaluations, in the current Course, for Faculty Evaluating Students. Evaluations with [T] after the name of the valuation are targeted Evaluations.

NOTE: This does not show Evaluations for Clinical Faculty to complete. Please see the Clinical Faculty Evaluating Students option.

Faculty Evaluating the Event

This screen lets you set up an Evaluation of a specific Event. This is not an Evaluation of the instructors in the Event: it is an Evaluation of the Event itself.

Clinical Faculty Evaluating Students

This option tracks Clinical Faculty Evaluating Students. Unlike Evaluations based on participation in a Course or Event, the Faculty for this Evaluation are not drawn from the standard Faculty group for the course. Instead, the Clinical Faculty option in the course screen Groups & Users menu is used to manage the list of Faculty who will participate in these Evaluations.

This report will only show Non-Targeted Evaluations. These Evaluations are Bulk Evaluations, where all available evaluators and evaluatees can evaluate each other.

In the case of Clinical Evaluations, users can also choose who not to evaluate.

This management screen is used to set up and monitor Self Evaluations. Any User, or Group of Users, can be assigned to evaluate themselves.

Targeted Evaluations

  • In Targeted Evaluations, you can set an Evaluation to apply to certain Event Types or to certain Users only.
  • This is an option currently available to the following types of Evaluations ONLY:
    • Students Evaluating Faculty
    • Faculty Evaluating Students.

Select the Event Type(s) and/or User(s) you would like to be evaluated.

The available options for Event Type and/or Users will depend on the Date Range you've set for the Evaluation period (the Events that will be evaluated).

For example, if the date range you've selected has only two Event types occurring, only those two Event types will be displayed for selection. If this list is empty, then there are no Events available within your date range, or you have not selected any Events. 

  • Once you've set an Evaluation date range, choose what type of Event you would like the users to evaluate.
  • Each Event type will have a number in parenthesis behind its name, indicating how many Events of that type exist in the Course during your specified date range (second set of dates).
  • This serves as a filter so you can only view the list of instructors for a specific Event type.
  • Then, select the specific users you would like to be evaluated.
  • Each Faculty/Student in the list will have a (number) behind his/her name, indicating how many Events they are teaching in this Course (or for the Event type, if selected) during the date range you specified.


  • If no Event type has been selected, then all instructors with teaching responsibilities in the Course (during the window of time specified) will appear in this list. The same applies to the Faculty Evaluating Students form.
  • If an Event type HAS been selected, the number behind each instructor's name will indicate how many Events of that particular type he/she taught during that window. The same applies to the Faculty Evaluating Students form.
  • If you select a user first, the Event types that user is associated with will appear in the Event Types box.
  • If no Instructor has been selected, then all instructors in the list will be selected.