Section Level: Faculty Overview

1.  Section Menu: Within these headers are reports and utilities to help view and/or manage the elements of the Section/Rotation.

2. Section Description: This section is the repository for the basic information about the Section. It shows:

  • Begin and End Dates
  • Course Director(s)
  • Course Coordinators
  • Location
  • Your Role
  • Description

3.  Materials Tab, Messages Tab and Mapping Tabs

  • Materials, Web links, Exams
  • Messages and Announcements
  • Curriculum Mapping

4.  Downloading Tools: Tools for downloading Section materials and documents

This a Roles-based screen. This means that the options available to you are based on your Role in the Course. Each role will see different menus and different options in each menu.

These screens are an example of what a typical Faculty member would see.

Section Menu

Each menu will be discussed below and will have links to articles that provide more details.

Assessment Menu

For detailed information on Exams, please refer to Section Assessment: Exams

View Gradebook

For detailed information on the Gradebook refer to Section: Gradebook

Discussion Menu

For more detailed information refer to the Discussion article.

Events Menu

For more detailed information refer to the Section: Events Menu.

Section Tree

For more information on the Tree View, please refer to the Tree View article.

Section Settings

Show Programs

This report shows a listing of all programs

Page Statistics

The Page Stats Screen can show several types of sets of statistics:

  • Course Screen - Activity related to the Course screen.
  • Entire Course - Activity for the entire Course; Course and Event screens.
  • Event Screen - Activity for one Event.


Note:  Non-Student counts refer to all Users who are not enrolled Students in the current Course. Thus, the Non-Student count may also contain Students who are not enrolled in the current Course or linked to a given Event.

NOTE: The numbers  for non-enrolled Users is most like exaggerated due to the fact that Faculty and Staff, when using Event and Course screens, often use functions that cause the screens to refresh, and each refresh counts as a new visit to the screen.

Course Wide Statistics

Course Wide Statistics: shows a summary of activity across the Course screen, all Events, and all Long Events:

  • The number of total visits
  • Total visits for non-enrolled Users
  • Unique non-enrolled Users
  • Total visits for enrolled Students
  • Unique visits for enrolled Students
  • Average visits per enrolled Students
  • Total documents downloaded


Section Tabs

TIP: A green line will appear above the tab you are currently using.

TIP: The red box with a number inside lets Users know how many items have not been downloaded yet. Once items are downloaded the links are no longer bold and the number changes to reflect those materials that have been downloaded.

Materials Tab

For more detailed information refer to the Download Materials article.

Under the Materials Tab, all related materials are displayed by category. These are a few of the examples that might be used for categories: Course Materials, Course Info, VM Slides, Supplemental Reading and etc.

  1. You can click on each item to download the document (or open a new window for web links).
  2. If you would like to download multiple files in a .zip file, check the  box next to each one you would like and then click the download icon at  the top-right.
Messages Tab

For more detailed information refer to the Course Messages article.

Mapping Tab

The Mapping tab shows a detailed report of how the content in this Event has been mapped to objectives, competencies, clinical procedures and more.

Mapping Tab Menu

For more detailed information refer to the Mapping article.