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Viewing Student Assignments in Events

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Student Assignments are where Students can upload/submit their Assignments for the Course/Event. Student Assignments are located and assigned at the Event Level; however, they can be viewed at the Course Level.

Course Directors and Faculty who are assigned to the Event will be able to review, grade, and comment on the items submitted by Students.

Students will also see a label on Calendar events that contain an assignment. More information about the assignment(s) is shown on the Calendar Event hover.

Path: Calendar > [Event] > Assignments


Path: Home > [Course Screen] > Events > Manage Events > [Event Title] > Assignments

Student Assignment (Folder)
  • Click Create New Assignment
  • You will be creating a Folder where the students will upload their documents.

Use the Themes field to map a Theme(s) to an Assignment based on Themes mapped to the Event.

Faculty View of Assignments

Path: Calender > Event Screen > Assignments

  1. The far-right column is the Docs column, that indicates the number of Documents/Assignments that have been turned in/submitted.
  2. Click the name of the Assignment under the Manage Folder column to view the documents.

List of enrolled students

You will see a list of all Students enrolled in that Event.

  • If the student has NOT submitted their Assignment, the Score and Comment columns will reflect No assignment.
  • If the student has submitted their Assignment, the Score and Comment columns will turn into text boxes.

NOTE: In the example above, only one student, Michael Test, has turned in his assignment.

Grading Assignments
  1. View a Student's document by clicking the link under the Document (Download) column.
  2. Use the text boxes under the Score and Comment columns to input the grade and comments for each Student's Assignment.
  3. Scores can be sent to the Gradebook by clicking the Options drop-down and selecting Export Scores.
  4. You can upload a Student's Assignment on their behalf by clicking the Upload File link under the Upload New Document column.

NOTE: Leo will auto-save text as you type.

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