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Faculty: Course Messaging Menu

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These are the messaging and announcement features that are available to faculty and students in their Courses/Sections and all Events.


The following options are available via the Section and Event Screen:

  • Section Announcement: Send an announcement or email to all Faculty, Students and Staff in this Section. Available to all Users.
  • Student Only Announcement: Send a announcement to all Students in this Section. Available to all Users.
  • Faculty and CD Announcement: Send an announcement or email to all Faculty and Course Directors in this Section. Available to all Users.
  • Course Director Announcement: Send an announcement or email to all Course Directors in this Section. Available to all Users.

Announcement Screen

NOTE: The Announcement Editor is the same for all four options. The only difference is that the recipient groups will be pre-selected for you based the option you select. You can still remove a pre-selected group from the list, if necessary.

Select Users or Groups (1)
  • Click Course Groups and use the drop-down menu to see the list of groups you are currently associated with.
  • Once you have selected a group, it will appear in the left column under Custom Recipients.
  • To remove a group from the left column, click the small scissors icon to the right of the group name.
  • You will receive a warning asking you if you are sure you want to remove that group; click OK to continue, Cancel to cancel.

Search for a user or group

  • To send an announcement to a user or group not listed in the Course Groups menu, use the search bars.
  • User Search bar - use this to search for an individual user(s).  
  • Group Search - use this to search for a group(s).
Subject and Text Body (2)
  • You are provided with a WYSIWYG editor (What Your See Is What You Get), allowing you to customize the size, color, font, etc. of your message.
  • You can also include external links, images, flash player, tables, page breaks, etc.

Attach file(s) (Optional)

  • Attach a document to your announcement/email, click the 0 file(s) attached to this message link.
Announcement Options (3)
Set the date/time for your Announcement
  • If you have selected to send an Announcement, you will need to set the Start and End date and time.
  • This is date/time range when your announcement will be viewable by the recipients.
  • Once the End date/time has passed, the announcement will no longer appear in the recipient's Inbox.
  • You can also set the Level of importance of your announcement. Options include: Low, Medium, High, Highest.
Low & Medium Priority Announcements

Announcements set a "Low" or "Medium" priority will cause a notification to appear for the recipient when they login to Leo.

High Priority Announcements

Announcements sent as "High" priority will be indicated as such in the user's inbox.

Highest Priority Announcements

Announcements or Messages set to the Highest priority will appear as a pop-up for users the next time they login.

TIP: If you have a Highest priority message to manage, you can see who has viewed it in Leo by selecting Who has read this? or Who has not? on any message.

Message Type
  • By default, the Announcement box is checked.
  • To send this message as an email, check the Email box.
  • Just remember that at least one of the boxes must be checked in order for your message to be sent.  

When the email box is check, it is sent immediately upon clicking Send.  

The date/time information below only affects the Announcement release.

Ready to Post

  • By default, the Ready to post box is checked.
  • If you are NOTready to send out your message, un-check this box and your message will not be sent.
Send Message
  • When you are ready to send your message, click Send.
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