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Student Reports: Activity

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This screen lets you create the basic settings for the Student Activity Report which will show activity for Students for given date range. You can select the School Year or phase that you wish to summarize.

Path: Admin Toolbar > People > Reports > Student Reports > Activity

All fields are required (*).

Enter the parameters for the Student Activity Report, your options include:

  • Begin Date
  • End Date
  • Program: Select the Program from the list
  • School Year: Select the School Year/s
  • Unit Type: Monthly or Weekly
  • Calc Type: Calculate the total Hits, Attendance, or Attendance Percentage
  • Run Report

This report will show a summary of Student activity for a given date range by week or month.

There are currently three ways the activity can be reported:

  • Hits: This counts the number of times a Student has accessed Event or Course screens in the Date Range.
  • Attendances: This counts the number of times a Student has been marked present in an Event for the given Date Range.
  • Attendance Percentage: This shows the percentage of Events requiring attendance that the Student has been marked present for.

Click the number within the grid to view the activity detail of a particular Student and School Year.

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