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Portfolios: Documents

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This option is used to find or create new Portfolio Documents, which are definitions of the Documents that will be required in a Portfolio.

Once a Document is defined, it can be added to any existing Portfolio Category by the administrator of the Portfolio.

Path: Admin Toolbar > People > Student Portraits > Portfolios > Documents Types

Documents must be pre-defined by a Portfolio Document Type.

  • Double click to display examples of Defined Document Types.
  •  If you need to define a new Document Type, use the Create New Document option.
Doc Type

Create New Document Type

You can:

  • Create new Document Types
  • Update existing Document Types
  • Delete existing Document Types
  • Reactivate deleted Document Types

Once a document is defined, it can be added to any existing portfolio Category by the Administrator of the Portfolio.

Please refer to the article on Portfolio Templates

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