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The View As User function allows Administrators and Super Users to log in as another User without having to input a Username and password at the main login screen.

The View As User function is designed for testing and troubleshooting purposes only, so please use this feature sparingly.

In order to ensure this tool is not overused/abused, the following measures are always in effect:

  • You must have a security level greater than or equal to the person whose identity you need to assume.
  • You must enter a reason/explanation each time you attempt to use the View As User function. The system logs this activity for historical purposes.

Path: Admin Toolbar > People > View As User

Assume ID of another User (1)

Type in the name of the User and be as descriptive as possible in the Reason text field.

This option will allow you to use Leo as another User, as long as that other User has a security setting less than or equal to your own.  

WARNING: When you use this function your actions will be logged!  You must enter a reason for using this option.

View As User Log (2)

NOTE: This report keeps track of all Users that use this feature. Please be detailed in your description of the reason that you are assuming another Users ID.

"Unable to complete the As User operation" error message

For security reasons, Leo will only allow a single user account to "view as" another user at any given time. For example, if User #1 is impersonating Sally Student to try and solve a problem and, at the same time, User #2 also tries to "view as" Sally Student, they will receive the following error message.

Superusers who need to immediately access and "view as" another user do have the ability to terminate the "as user" session in progress. So, using the example above, if User #2 is a Super User in Leo, they can navigate to Admin Toolbar > People > View As User > View As-User Log > [select Terminate]. After terminating the "view as user" for User #1, User #2 would then be able to log in as Sally Student.

Faculty View As Student Option

This feature allows Faculty of this Event to view the Event as one of the Student's in the Event.  

For more information refer to Event People: Faculty View As Student

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