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Alt User ID Types

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This report will list all of the Alternate User ID types used in your system. The report includes a count of the number of Users assigned the Alternate ID, and the number of Users not assigned the Alternate ID.

Path: Admin Toolbar > People > Alt User ID Types

NOTE: If a User is assigned more than one instance of a given Alternate ID then the User count on this report will not match the detailed report. The detailed report will show all of the IDs issued to the User for that Alternate ID type.

Create New ID Type

An Alternate ID Type is a set of IDs from another system that you want to link to a User's Leo ID. Examples of this are:

  1. Response clickers
  2. Secondary ID types for your institution
  3. External exam system IDs

You can set the sign-up flag to Yes to allow students to self-register for a particular Alternate ID Type, such as clickers.

Deleted User ID Types

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