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By Affiliation Report

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This report shows a summary list of all Users by their Affiliation.

User Affiliation has a number of uses, some of which depend on the type of User:

  •  Students - Affiliation normally represents the Student's current School Year, graduating, or entry year.
  •  Faculty - Affiliation often is used to identify the Instructor's main Department.
  •  Staff - Affiliation can be used to identify the Staff member's primary Department.

Path: Home > Admin Toolbar > People > Reports > By Affiliation

NOTE: In many systems the affiliation is set by the roster and/or user import routines. These routines are customized per institution. If your institution uses the Import options to update affiliation then any  changes you make using this feature will be over-written by the next roster and/or User import.


This report shows a list of Users for a given Affiliation.

In this example, they are affiliated with A-CRP. You will notice that some are Students and all are Faculty.

  1. Filter the list by primary Role:  Student Only, Staff Only, or Faculty Only
  2. Re-assign Affiliation: You can use the options in this report to do a bulk re-assignment of affiliations.


Re-Assign Affiliation

This option will let you reassign some or all of the Users in the current affiliation to a different affiliation.   You can choose to assign the users to an existing affiliation or you can create a new affiliation.

New Affiliation

  1. Type in the name of the New Affiliation
  2. Select Users: Use the check boxes to select new members.
  3. Click Continue
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