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Inactive User Report

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This report will show you all of the inactive users in your system.

Path: Home > Admin Toolbar > People > Reports > Inactive Users

  1. Filter: Use this option to filter by primary role (Faculty, Staff, Student) and/or affiliation code, which will give you much more targeted list of Users.
  2. Activate: Click this to re-active the User instantly and remove them from the Inactive Report.


This screen lets you set filters for the Inactive Users report. The purpose of a filter is to focus the report on a specific sub-set of Users.

For example, you may only be interested in First Year Medical Students.  In that case, you could set the Affiliation filter the MED1 (or whatever your affiliation code is for these students).

You can also filter by Role, limiting your list of Users to only Faculty, Staff, or Students.

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