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Source Exceptions Report

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This report will show you all Users that were created by an external data feed where the User's Role in Leo is different than the Role specified in the data feed.

The three primary Roles for Users are:

  • Students
  • Faculty
  • Staff

Path: Admin Toolbar > People > Reports > Source Exceptions

Menu Options:

  1. Matching Source Records: Show Users where the User status matches the source record
  2. User with No Source: Users with no source record (i.e., nothing to compare to)
  3. All Users: All Users, regardless of status
  4. Students with Non-Student Roles: Student Users with non-Student flags in their record

NOTE: Users who do not have a source record are not included in this report. Deleted User records are also ignored.

Matching Source Records

This report will show all User records with a Matching Source Record where the Roles in both the User and source record match.

Deleted User records are not displayed.

User with No Source

This report shows all User records that do not have a Matching Source Record. This indicates that the records were created manually or came from an import mechanism that does not update the User source record. Deleted Users are not included in this list.

All Users

This report will show all non-deleted Users. If there is a Matching Source Record, the source information will be displayed.

The total number of Users in this list should match the combined totals of:

  • The list of non-matching source User records
  • The list of matching source User records
  • The list of Users without a source record

Students with Non-Student Roles

This report shows all Students with non-Student flags. The Student flag overrides all other flags, but these Users will still show up on some non-Student reports and lists. Therefore, it is important to keep the Student list clean.

Normally, these conflicted settings are the result of roster uploads or User data imports. These issues can also be the result of data entry errors. Some schools may determine that there are some Students with non-Student flags, in which case this report will allow you to find those Students that should not have these settings.

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