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Portfolios: Templates

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Portfolios allows you to create an area in Leo where students can Students upload documents that they need to keep over a period of time.

Path: Home > Admin Toolbar > People > Student Portraits > Portfolios > Templates

The Portfolio Template Manager allows you to

  1. Search: Begin typing or double click for a selection of Portfolios.
  2. Create a New Portfolio: Create a new Portfolio Class
  3. Portfolio Report: View a listing of all Portfolios. Existing Templates can be managed from this screen.
(2) Create New Category
  • Name: Type in a name for your new Category
  • Description: Use the WYSIWYG editor
  • Save Record
(3) Portfolio Report

This is a list of all Portfolios in your system.

  • Scroll to find the Portfolio that needs editing or use the Portfolio Search link.
Portfolio Example

Each Portfolio Template has Two panels, on the left is the Categories panel and on the right is the Content panel.

Category Administration

The first part of defining a Portfolio is determining the Categories. At a minimum, each Portfolio must have at least one Category.

The Category is used to house Content, and each Category can be assigned different privacy and access rules.

  • If you have a Category that will have Content that is to be widely shared, you can assign access rules to share the Content.
  • If a Category has Content that is private, then you can set very restrictive access rules so that the Content is secure.

In this example, there is only one Category and it is called Research

There are two panels in each Portfolio; on the left are the Categories and on the right are that Category's Content.

  1. Creates a new Category
  2. Review/Edit existing Category, in this example, the category is Research.

TIP: Hover over a Category, without clicking on it. will reveal its properties.

Clicking the link allows you to edit the Category and set privacy levels.

Edit Category Privacy Levels

  • This screen lets you assign a pre-defined Category to a Portfolio, and to set the privacy levels for the content of the Category.
  • You can modify the settings or delete the Category.
  • NOTE: If you delete the Category, then all of the Documents and Folders associated with the Category will no longer be linked to the Portfolio.
Content Administration

Managing the Content for a Category is comprised of defining the Folders for the Content, and the Document Placeholders within each Folder. You can also assign Document Placeholders directly  to the Category without attaching them to a folder.

TIP: Be aware that empty folders will not be displayed to students.

The Research Category's Content has a folder inside called Clinical Research with one document inside of it and another document outside of the folder.

  1. Creates/Defines a new Document placeholder (+).  Content can be placed inside folders or on their own.
  2. Creates a new Folder
portfolio example
(1) New Content/Document

This screen lets you assign a new Document to a Category in a Portfolio. Documents can be located within a Folder in the Category or they can be free standing (i.e., no folder).

Click the (+) sign to create a New Document Place holder.

  • Document: Search or double click to see all
  • Sequence: Select a sequence for this Content
  • Folder: Content can be placed inside folders or on their own
  • Public: Select privacy setting
  • Faculty Only: Select privacy setting
  • Save Record

Documents must be pre-defined. If you need to define a Document, use the New Document option to create the Document. Once the Document has been created, it will be available for use.

New Document

This record defines the placeholder for a document.  It is used to indicate that a document must meet certain criteria.

NOTE: When you add a Document Placeholder to a Portfolio:

  • This lets the Student know that a specific Document is required.
  • This is also used to generate reports of required or optional documents that have, or have not, been uploaded.
  • Name: The Document's Name is required (*)
  • Description: Optional, but useful
  • Save Record
(2) New Folder

Each Category in a Portfolio can contain multiple folders, and each folder can contain sub-folders. This screen is used to create and manage those folders.

Please NOTE: That deleting a folder will remove that folder's documents and sub-folders from the Portfolio.

Edit Folder Settings/Add New Document within a Folder

When a placeholder Folder is expanded by using the + Sign:

  1. Click on the Pencil to edit the settings for this folder.
  2. Click on the New Document to add New Document definition to this folder.
  3. Click on a Named Document to adjust that Document's settings.
Student View of My Portrait

When a Student views their My Portrait and clicks on the Portfolio link, they will see the Portfolio/s that have been assigned to them.

For more information on the Student's view of their My Portfolio, please refer to My Portrait.

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