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Student Portraits: Mentors

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This program lists all of the active Mentors for a given Program. These are the Faculty members that have been designated to have access to Student Portraits. You can manage the Students assigned to specific Mentors and run various reports on Mentor activity.

NOTE: Faculty generally have a security level of 40, depending on the Minimum Security Level set in the Account Manager, the Faculty Mentor might not be able to see the About Tab in the Student Portrait. To adjust this setting, please refer to Account Manager: User Management .

NOTE: You can also put Mentors in their own Group and give that Group a security level that could access demographic data. For more information on Groups and Group Manager, refer to Group Management

Path: Admin Toolbar > People > Student Portraits > Mentors

Select the Program that you want to view Mentors in.

From this screen you can also look at:

  1. Mentor: This is the name of the Faculty member that has been assigned as a mentor. You can click on the name to manage their Mentor settings
  2. Student Count: This is the number of Students assigned to this Faculty member. Click on the link to review and manage their list of Students.
  3. Add: This screen lets you select a Faculty member to be added as a Mentor based on the Program that you have selected.
  4. Deleted: These are Mentors that have been completely removed from Mentor system.
  5. Inactive: These are Mentors that are no longer actively participating in the Program, but have past activity that is preserved for reporting purposes..

(1) Mentor Settings

This screen lets you mange the assignment of Faculty as Mentors. Any Faculty member in the system can be assigned as a mentor to any Program in Leo or to multiple Programs in Leo

If an instructor is no longer an active mentor, then set the Active flag to No. This will ensure that all historical data is intact, but no new Students will be assigned to the Mentor.

(2) Student Count

Click on the number in the Student Count column alongside the Mentor's name to view which Students are assigned to that Faculty member.

Click on the Add Students link to add or remove Student assigned to that Mentor.

Add/Remove Students

  1. Click on the Student's name in the Available Students column to move it to the Assigned Students column.
  2. To Remove a Student, click on their name in the Assigned Students column and they will move to the Available Students column.
  3. Click on the square at the top right-hand corner to save and close that screen.

(3) Deleted

A listing of all Deleted Mentors

This report lists all deleted Mentors for the current Program. Normally, deleted Mentor records belong to Faculty that were accidentally assigned and then removed. Mentors who are no longer actively participating in the program are marked Inactive, and they can be seen in the Inactive Report.

(4) Inactive

This report shows all the Inactive Mentors for a Program. Once a Mentor is no longer actively participating in the Mentor Program  they will be marked as inactive. All their data will remain intact for  reporting purposes, but they will not show up in the reports of active Mentors.

This is very different from Deleted Mentors.

  • When a Mentor is deleted all the data linked to the Mentor becomes deleted as well.
  • The deleted option should only be used for Mentors that were accidentally created.
  • Anyone with activity should always be inactivated, not deleted, when they are no longer participating in the Mentor Program.
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