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iCAL Settings Report

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This report will allow you to see the basic iCAL settings for all Users in your system. There are filter options to allow you to focus your listing by User Type, public/private status, and by local password.

Path: Admin Toolbar > People > Reports > iCAL Settings


This screen lets you set filters to control the data that will be displayed in the iCAL Management report.

  • Public Feed Status: All, Public, NotPublic : This displays public feed options for each User. If Users want to get an  iCAL feed without having to supply a password, they must select this option.
    • NOTE: There is also a tool that will allow you to make bulk changes to this field.
  • Local Password: All, Set, NotSet : If a User does not want to use the public option, they select the non-public option.  
    • NOTE: This will only work if they have been assigned a password in Leo.
  • User Type: All, Student, Faculty, Staff : This filter lets you choose which group of Users to review.

NOTE: Some Users may have more than one primary User Type (Student, Faculty, Staff). Their primary Role is what is displayed, but they may still show up when filtering by other roles.

For example: If you have a User is tagged as both Faculty and Staff, then their primary Role will be Faculty. However, if you filter by staff, this dual Role User will also show up in the Staff listing.

Send Email Notice

This screen will allow you send a notification to the selected Users.

Depending on the iCAL feed types activated on your system, you will see one or more check box option(s). Check the type of feed(s) that you wish to send to the Users.

The Users will receive an email with their personalized feed link, and a link to instructions on how to set up the iCAL feed in several popular calendar applications.

NOTE: that Users without a net ID or without an email address will not be sent an email.

Set Private

This will update all selected Users to the new status of Private.

Set Public

This will update all selected Users to the new status of Public.

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