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User Management: Students on a Leave of Absence

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A Leave of Absence might be voluntary or involuntary for a Student. This article will provide you with an overview of the steps to be taken for Students who are on a Leave of Absence and how to update their registration status.

WARNING: If your System has a Registrar feed set up, you must first update your Registrar records before following these steps. If the Registrar record is not updated first, then when the Student's Roster record is deleted a new record will be sent through the Registrar Data Feed, therefore restoring the record.

The list of steps below will help you correctly update the Student's Record in the System for a Leave of Absence (LOA). Please complete each step in the following order.

Path: Admin Toolbar > People > User Management > Search [for Student User]

Step 1. Remove Student from Associated Small Groups

In order to have the Student's record updated correctly in Leo, their Group associations must be updated first.

  • Click on Groups

In the Maintain Student Groups Screen,

  • Click on the Small Groups the Student is currently participating in to remove their association.
  • Close out of the screen, by clicking the small square in the upper right corner
Step 2. Dropping Student from Enrolled Courses

If the Student is currently enrolled in any Courses, you must drop them from the Courses.

  • Click on Roster 
  • In the Registrar History Student Screen,
  • Click on the Rec# column relating to the Course/s which the Student needs to be dropped from.

The Edit Roster Record Screen will appear for the Student

  1. Click on the Status drop-down and select to drop the Student from the Course.
  2. Should you wish to indicate why the Student is dropping the Course, enter a message in the Note text box.
  3. Click Save

The Student has been successfully dropped from the Course. You will be able to confirm this when you are brought back to the Registrar History Student Screen.

Located in the Status column the Student's Enrollment Status will be updated from Add to Drop

When you are finished dropping the Student from their current Courses click on the Close button on the top right corner of your screen to return to the Student's User Record screen.

Step 3. Updating a Student's Affiliation

For tracking and reporting purposes it is best practice to update the Student's Affiliation when they go on a Leave of Absence.

  • Enter in the Affiliation text box Leave of Absence, LOA, or a term that your institution utilizes to track Students who are currently on a Leave of Absence.
  • Click Save User Record


If you have followed this workflow, your Student will no longer be enrolled in the Courses that you have dropped them from.

Please refer to the Affiliation Reports User Guide article for more information on how to keep track of Students who are on a Leave of Absence.

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