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Managing Non-enrollment Groups

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To give course or event read-only access to staff members, you must add them to the Non-enrollment Group (this type of group is not associated to an individual course or event, but can be added to a course to give read-only access to members of the group. These groups are often called "Faculty" or "Staff").

The Non-enrollment Group (ex. Faculty, Staff, etc.) to which these users are assigned will need to be added to the course's Default Groups (or to individual events) in order for them to view the course or events. We generally recommend you add these types of users to the non-enrollment Staff group.

Path: Admin Toolbar > People > Groups > Group Management > Search

Begin typing the name of the non-enrollment group; either Staff, Faculty, or Student, and then select the correct choice from the drop-down menu.

Click Users to edit this group's user membership.

Add and remove Users from this list.

  • Click the names of Users in the Active Users (left column) to move them in the Staff Users (right column).
  • Click the names of the User you want to remover from the Staff Users column to put them back in the Active Users column.
  • When you are done, click the small square icon in the top-right corner of the screen to exit.

Save Group

When you have finished selecting all members of the Non-Enrollment Group, please remember to Save Group on the Edit Group Screen

In the case where you want All Members of the Non-Enrollment Group to be able to view the program schedule, you will want to make sure to assign this generic Staff group as a Course's Default Group.

NOTE: For more information, see our article on Default Groups.

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