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Course Exception Reports

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For an explanation of the icons used in Reports, please refer to the Reports Icon article and/or Admin Toolbar Reset/Close article

Events w/No Instructors

This report displays a listing of all Events without an instructor.

  1. Select the Academic Year and Run Report
  2. Toggle between All Events Only with No Instructor and Financial Model Events with No Instructor
  3. Or download the report.
Faculty Missing Dept (FCT)

All Faculty with activity should be assigned to a Department to ensure an accurate Financial Report. This report will help you identify those Faculty who do not have an assigned Department.

Select the Academic Year.

Events w/No Groups

Select the Academic Year and Run Report

Events w/No Students

Select the Academic Year

Courses w/No Primary CD

Select the Academic Year

Courses w/No Students

Select the Academic Year

Affiliation Exceptions

This screen will generate a report to help you find Students who are Outliers. Outliers may include Students enrolled in the wrong Course (ex. third-year Students enrolled in a fourth-year Course).

To run the report, you will need to specify the following information for the Courses to be examined:

  • Course Type
  • Program 
  • Academic Year
  • School Year
  • Student Affiliation (normally associated with the Course)

The resulting report will be a list of all Students in the specified Courses who do NOT match the provided affiliation.

Courses w/ Invalid Dates

Select the Academic Year

Roster Mismatch

Select the Academic Year

Course w/No Type

Select the Academic Year

Non-Primary Courses

Select the Academic Year

Event by Hour Length

This report shows all Events sorted by the number of hours (minutes) for the Event in descending order.

The purpose of this report is to find Events that are outliers and/or errors (i.e. Events that are 15 hours long are most likely an error).

Select the Academic Year

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